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Royal Sisters in Law Have Not Spoken in 6 Months!

by Elsa Stringer

The Royal sisters in law have not exchanged words in over six months! The last time they were in touch was through chatting, and the reason for their feud is interesting.

The wives of Prince William and Prince Harry are rarely seen together out in public. As foreign media reports, for the past half a year, they have not spoken a single word to each other.


Their relationship took a turn for the worst since then, and the last time they talked was through social media in one of the chats where the whole family is together.

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“Meghan has a feeling that several members of the Royal family have been looking down on her because of her heritage. That caused tons of arguments and made the relationships between them worse. They have to find a way to work it out and continue on as a family”, says a source close to the family.