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Jojo Babie Says Midnight Cardio Helps Her With Insomnia

by Tracy Finke

Instagram model Jojo Babie decided to make a confession to her 9.6 million Instagram followers. The blond bombshell wrote about her worries during the coronavirus pandemic.

She posted a mirror selfie in which she posed in front of a treadmill wearing a blue tight top and the tiniest pink panties. The beauty confessed that she is a serious overthinker.

Image source: Instagram

“I stress and worry more than I tend to express. So my mental health is important to me or else I’ll go crazier”, she wrote.

Babie revealed how she is dealing with these problems: “Cardio at midnight has helped with my stress and insomnia, especially with all that is going on in the world, gotta keep the mind clear and the body movin! All we can do is work on ourselves the best we can”.

In the end, she wished everyone to stay strong and positive.

Her fans supported Jojo Babie telling her that she also needs to stay positive and that she looks gorgeous, as always.

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