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Meghan Markle Forbids Harry to Visit His Father

by Tracy Finke

Meghan Markle has banned Prince Harry from returning to the UK to visit his father Charles, who has been found to be positive for coronavirus.

The Daily Mail writes that a source close to the royal couple revealed that the former Duchess of Sussex had told Harry that “under no circumstances, is she okay with him traveling anywhere right now”.

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Harry is in touch with Prince Charles, and he is frustrated by the whole situation. Meghan is also frustrated because they would both like to help the family but currently have no way. The Prince saw his father early in the month while he was still in the UK.

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As the royal family and the world struggle with the coronavirus, Meghan fights for animal rights. She allegedly decided to adopt a labrador to rescue him from an animal shelter and encouraged all her friends to do the same.

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Meghan Markle is currently in self-isolation with her husband in Canada, and due to the coronavirus pandemic, all her employees were ordered to comply with hygiene conditions and wear protective masks and gloves.