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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Give Away Food During Quarantine

by Elsa Stringer

Former Royals Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry were spotted on the streets of Los Angele while they were giving away food to the less fortunate people of California.


Security cameras spotted them and they were hard to recognize to say the least. Both of them wore very casual clothes, masks, caps, and gloves. A security team followed the couple in a separate car, making sure they stayed safe during their charity work.


Harry sported a blue bandana on his face, while Meghan was slightly more elegant with a surgical mask. They volunteer around that neighborhood for two days, providing food for the people in isolation.


None of the lucky people were warned of their arrival, and most of them did not even recognize them. Only one 53-year-old man recognized Meghan. She asked him on the intercom to come downstairs and get the food.

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Harry, Meghan, and their infant son Archie moved to LA from Canada towards the end of March. They have been providing for themselves since then, including their tight security that follows their every step.