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Julia Roberts Kicks Out Her Husband: The Prenup Will Bring Her $220 Million!

by Tracy Finke

Famous Hollywood actress Julia Roberts, according to media reports, is divorcing her husband Daniel Moder after seventeen years of marriage.

An anonymous source told magazine National Enquirer that divorce could cost Daniel Moder more than 200 million dollars.

Daniel could pay $200 million as a divorce settlement because of a prenuptial agreement he signed with the actress before getting married.

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The reason for the big fight between the couple was a celebration of Julia’s 52nd birthday, at which the actress reportedly became angry with her husband.

Image source: akamaihd.net

“Julia was expecting a big birthday celebration, and Danny completely failed at that. She accused him of not caring at all. The altercation quickly escalated into a scuffle, culminating in Daniel being kicked out of their house”, a source close to the couple said.

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The source also stated that their marriage had been on the rocks for years and that Julia had tried in every way to save the marriage.

Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder were married for 17 years and had three children – Hazel, Henry, and Phinnaeus.

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