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Did Julia Roberts Throw Out Her Husband?

by Nebojša Vujinović

Hollywood actress Julia Roberts, 52, and her husband and cinematographer Daniel Moder, 51, are in the middle of a new marriage controversy.

According to several media outlets, their marriage is nearing its end and Roberts decided to sell their luxurious villa, effectively leaving her husband on the street.

Source: shemagazine.net

A source close to them says they are still living at the villa, which is big enough for them not to meet each other during the day. They fight and verbally abuse each other too, according to the unnamed source.

Source: promipol.com

After many divorce rumors, they tried their best to stay together and work on their relationship. Sadly, quite the opposite happened and now they are looking to divorce each other.

Source: usmagazine.com

One of the biggest problems for them is where they would live. She constantly travels between San Francisco and Mexico, while he is happy in LA. This is why Julia wants to buy a home in San Francisco and sell their current villa.

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