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Julia Roberts’ Fairytale Ends: Is Her Perfect Marriage Failing?

by Tracy Finke

Julia Roberts’ marriage with Daniel Moder made the headlines again, after the rumors that the famous actress kicked her husband from their house. So far, it was speculated three times that she is getting a divorce, but that wasn’t true. Now, according to the media, Hollywood actress might get $220 million as a divorce settlement, if she decides to leave her partner this time.

The fact is that the actress protects her husband and children from nosy journalists and paparazzi. Everything that the media knew about her marriage to Daniel Moder was that they met during the filming of the movie “Mexican”. That was two years before their wedding.

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Afterward, they were barely seen together. And this is not because Julia and Daniel dislike each other, but because it is a mutual decision not to allow the media to gain insight into the couple’s married life.

When she turned 51, the actress decided to reveal some details about her 17-years long marriage: “My encounter with Daniel can only be compared to a powerful tectonic disturbance. It was as if the earth had split up. I immediately realized that my life would change forever, and everything would be completely different,” Julia said at the time.

Julia Roberts’ life changed drastically in July 2002. She married cinematographer, Daniel Moder. In November 2004, the couple got twins: baby girl Hazel and baby boy Phinnaeus. The actress gave birth four weeks before the date, but luckily no complications occurred.

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Four years later, in June 2007, Julia gave birth to a boy named Henry Daniel Moder. According to Julia, she had never been happier than she was then.

When Julia and Moder met, both were already in a relationship. Julia was involved with Benjamin Bratt, and Daniel was married to makeup artist Vera Steimberg.

“Daniel broke up with Vera before our relationship. I knew absolutely nothing about it. I did the same thing – I divorced my partner at the time. It was a precondition to start a new life together. I choose to be with him. Double life was neither normal nor natural for either of us,” Julia Roberts said to Oprah in 2003.

“When we met again, it was a community of absolutely free people who did an amazing thing – changed the world for love.”

When asked how the couple talked on the set, the actress laughed: “Oh, during the shoot, I feel completely free and relaxed. But it’s a lot different when the guys (film crew) see you at 5 am, when you run into some kind of lighting device cable and exclaim, ‘What the hell is going on?’. In those situations, you can see who is who. People then see what they really are: good or bad. So, I immediately made sure that Daniel was really good,” the actress said on Oprah’s show.

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Julia is known for striving to lead a simple life. Because of this, she and her husband did not want a big wedding. Julia wore a golden ring bought at the mall and a pink cotton dress instead of a wedding dress.

One year after the wedding, Julia said: “I admit, I’m happier now than ever before. I had no idea that this was really happening, that it wasn’t just in fairy tales. That’s exactly what I’ve always dreamed of. I found a “safe harbor” in this life. Only now have I discovered a new world, a new life. I am surrounded by people I love with all my heart, the little joys in life that fill my every day. Happiness is around me.”

The 52-year-old star denied that their life changed since the birth of twins and sons. When it came to raising children, everything happened quite natural, she said: “All couples should understand that marriage and parenting are a daily choice. And this is less important than buying real estate and more. Therefore, you should be honest with yourself when choosing, but not dramatic. Everything is much simpler than we like to imagine.”

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“It’s been many years, but Danny is still my favorite person. I always wonder what he has to say. I listen to his advice and opinions. I believe we are both really happy. Although nothing unusual happened: we just love each other and truly enjoy ourselves in each other’s company. ”

“We’ve been married for 17 years, and we met 19 years ago. Through the years, everything gets much deeper and more complicated. You know how it happens at a young age: ‘Oh, I love him and his friends. We get married, build a house, and have children’. These are all things I’ve dreamed of, but I don’t know what someone likes”, Julia said.

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Then she continued: “Then another dimension of marriage appears when children come. Don’t rush into decisions. Don’t make hasty conclusions.”

She also said: “I’m sure Danny and I were lucky. In everything we do, there is an invisible harmony. This man is my best decision in life. ”

Of course, there are also difficulties in their marriage, especially when journalists speculate that the couple is divorcing. The actress says it’s hard to explain that to children. In order not to serve lies about the famous couple, the actress also opened an Instagram account, which she used to post private life photos to prevent media speculation.

“I really value our happiness a lot, and I will never let anyone take it from us,” the actress said.