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What to Do if You Want an Expedited Divorce – 2024 Guide

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Getting married is one of those days we remember forever, but sometimes marriage doesn’t work out the way we want, and the first thing we need to clarify here is that filing and getting a divorce should be nothing strange in this modern society. Now, we will discuss how to speed up this process, as we all know that it can be extremely time-consuming if both parties aren’t willing to collaborate. That is why we will go through all the options and provide guidance on how to expedite your divorce.

Consult the experts

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Understandably, this is the first and most important thing to do in such a situation, as the only way to know what’s the best move is by knowing all relevant facts. Now, to do so, hiring or consulting the experts in this field is simply a must, as it’s not like we have all studied law or, to be more precise, family laws. Besides all that, the law differs from one country and state to another, meaning that the state in which you got married is where you have to file for a divorce, in case you haven’t moved permanently to some new address. There are many tricky things about it, and the only way to get an expedited divorce is by learning all the facts, which is, once again, where experienced attorneys can be of much help.

Time spent together is the biggest issue here, as in most states, the couple is eligible for such divorce only if they haven’t spent more than five years married to each other, and if that period is longer, things can get even more complicated. Of course, the law and regulations are not the same in each state, so before making any decision and taking any action, make sure to first check whether you are eligible or not. Law practitioners with vast experience in this field, like Westlake Divorce Attorney, can speed up the procedure and application process, as those at Beal Law Firm are proficient, reliable, and experienced in a variety of family law needs.

Options available

There are several options available on how you can speed up the entire divorce, and here we will focus on the most important ones.

Uncontested divorce

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The easiest solution to all your problems is via agreement, and that’s what uncontested divorce is all about, as if both parties can reach an agreement on every given subject, the process can be dealt with extremely fast. Now, this can be the best option for partners who are still in a good relationship and willing to make a compromise, especially those who have been together for a long time (longer than five years).

If there is any problem or misunderstanding and you cannot reach the mutual ground, then this option is of no use, as it will just prolong everything, and you should check other options. In case this is something you can do, then everything might take just as long as the mandatory waiting period in your country lasts. Besides that, the sum of total costs will be much lower because you will not need to deal with many fees that should be paid to the court.

Hire a mediator

Even if things do not go well, and you and your spouse cannot make an agreement, it should not be a problem to agree on hiring a mediator whose role is to make the divorce process much easier. Namely, the mediator is always a person who is completely neutral and works for both sides by trying to find the best possible solution that will meet both sides’ requirements.

The main difference between an attorney and a mediator is that mediators are not working in the courtroom, and they try to make things up before going there, while the attorney will try to make them easier in the courtroom. In that way, some crucial things, like custody over children, visits, property ownership, and much more, can be settled without an unnecessary fight in court, as we all know how emotional that can be. Mediators collaborate with lawyers who write briefs on behalf of both sides and try to find the best possible solution for both of them, which guarantees the fastest divorce, among other ways.

Emergency divorce

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Although emergency divorce is the fastest way to end a marriage, it is something that no one hopes to experience. This option is really fast, but it is reserved for people who need protection from their spouse because of physical violence, those who need financial help because their child was abused, or those who face any other criminal activity thanks to their spouse. The entire process is simple, and all one should do is file the paperwork with a divorce petition or use it as a motion when filing for divorce.

In both cases, it will be necessary to provide the court with the reason for filing the emergency divorce request and provide proof in the form of evidence and documentation that it is really necessary. Once it is over, you will need to wait three weeks before the hearing, as it is the period when the accused party has the opportunity to answer the accusations. The judge can allow immediate divorce if the situation is really serious and you have enough evidence for that, but if there is something unclear, it can easily become a full hearing before the final decision.

Final thoughts

Once we get married, none of us thinks about divorce, as it is never a pleasant experience. However, it sometimes happens, and when it comes to that unpleasant situation, all we want is to finish it as soon as possible and continue with our lives.

Luckily, there are several ways to speed up this process, and if there is no chance to sit down with a spouse and make an agreement, it is always better to hire a professional who will find the best solution. Thanks to professional help, both sides can be satisfied, and it will surely shorten the amount of time necessary to end this process.