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Coronavirus Talks to Us This Chilling YouTube Video

by Elsa Stringer

Darinka Montico, a woman from Italy, posted a frightening yet interesting video to YouTube, in which she made it look like coronavirus is addressing the people of Earth.

The virus allegedly says why it came, what it brings, and what needs to change in the world for it to become a better place. It says something had to happen in order for the humanity to wake up.

“Hold on. Simply hold on. Stop. Don’t move. It is no longer a request. It is an obligation. I am here to help you,” says the virus in the video.


It continues:

“This supersonic roller coaster has to run out of rails. Enough… planes, trains, schools, shopping centers, meetings. We broke the frenetic whirlwind of illusions and “obligations” that prevented you from raising your eyes, looking at the stars, listening to the sea, being lulled by the chirping of birds, rolling around in the meadows, picking an apple from a tree, smiling at an animal in the woods, breathing the mountain, listening to common sense.”

Then, it becomes more serious and even threatening.

“We had to break it. You cannot replace god. Our obligation is mutual. As it always has been although you forgot it. We will stop this transmission, the infinite cacophonic transmission, of divisions and distractions, to bring this news to you: We are not well. None of us. We are all suffering. Last year, the firestorms that burned the lungs of the earth, they didn’t stop you, nether the glaciers that disintegrate, nor your sinking cities.”

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It continues to recall past disastrous events that have shaken the planet in recent months.
“Nor are you aware of being solely responsible for the sixth mass extinction. You didn’t listen to us. It is difficult to listen being so busy, struggling to climb higher and higher on the scaffolding of the comforts you have built yourself. The foundations are failing, arching under the weight of your fictitious desires. I will help you.”

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The help however sounds like anything but.

“I will bring the storms of fire into your body, I will flood your lungs, I will isolate you like a polar bear on a drifting iceberg. Are you listening to us now? We are not well. I’m not an enemy, I am a mere messenger, I am an ally, I am the force that will restore balance.”

Image source: telemadrid.es

“Now you have to listen to us. We’re screaming to stop you. Stop. Shut up. Listen. Now raise your eyes to heaven. How are you? There are no more airplanes, how much do you need to feel good, to enjoy the oxygen you breathe? Look at the ocean, how is it? Look at the rivers, how are they? Look at the earth, how is she?

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Convince yourself, how she is. You cannot be healthy in a sick ecosystem. Stop… Many are afraid now. Don’t demonize your fear, don’t let yourself be dominated, let it talk to you, listen to wisdom. Learn to smile with your eyes. I will help you, if you listen.

Many are wondering after this video what the human race can really do and why haven’t we done anything yet to stop the destruction of the only planet we have.