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11 Businesses That Helped During Covid-19 – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

We take a look at some of the businesses that excelled during Covid-19 to pay homage to those that had our best interests at heart.

The coronavirus sent us into a world none of us recognized almost overnight. From one end of the world to the other, everything slowed to a standstill. We don’t need to rehash the shock and fear we all felt at such a complete and quick change.

What we do want to do, though, is start a process of accountability. At the end of the day, at the end of the world, there were a few companies who outshone all others – just as there were a few companies that deserted their morals along with their staff.

This article will be an accounting, of sorts. We want to give credit where credit is due so that we can all continue to be patrons to the businesses that did right by us. As to those that deserted us? It is better to let their names be lost to time.

Top 11 Businesses for Performance during Covid-19

1. Subaru

The car manufacturer has several different branches. Three different departments of the firm have joined forces with Feeding America. They have pledged 100 million meals to the poorest people in the country. This doubles their initial commitment made back in April 2024, where they pledged 50 million meals.

Members of the public can contribute to this effort if they want to. The information can be found here.

2. Ru9

img source: ru9.vn

This is a bedding company that has been at the heart of the coronavirus outbreak in Vietnam. The country had very few cases and fewer deaths by comparison to the rest of us. However, they introduced a strict lockdown where all travelers were detained in a quarantine center or hospital.

To make their stays more comfortable, Ru9 donated over 1500+ mattresses (called nệm in Vietnamese) and pillows to the cause. Instead of sleeping on hard wooden benches, the people got some real shuteye.

3. Starbucks

img source: womenshealthmag.com

Believe it or not, one of America’s most loved companies has stepped up to the coronavirus plate in times of need. Starbucks has donated 700,000 meals to Americans in need so far but has also donated more than $3 million to the global relief effort for countries in greater need than America. Across the pond in the UK, that same company has devoted itself to donating all of its food waste to the food banks of Britain. Starbucks is feeding the masses.

4. Disney Parks

img source: usatoday.com

Disney Parks have done something capable of bringing a tear to the eye. They donated 100,00 N95 masks to hospitals for PPE gear, but that’s not the bit that will make you cry. They donated 150,000 rain ponchos to MedShare, which can be worn over the PPE gear to keep it clean and help the staff stay safe. Can you imagine how much brighter the wards are with Mickey Mouse popping up on the nursing staff?

5. Aviation Gin

Ryan Reynolds’ gin company has been doing something extraordinary for the bartenders of America. Aviation Gin has donated 30% of every bottle’s sales price to the United States Bartender’s Guild. This organization is working hard to provide for all the bartenders out there who have been affected by the closures. It’s nice to see a celebrity giving back to the public, especially at a time like this.

6. Google

Let’s not forget the big guns. Big named brands were expected to give more than everyone else and Google did not fall short of the call of duty. They provided $800 million to SMEs and healthcare workers, as well as making donations all over the world. They even worked closely with Apple to make the app that tracks and traces those exposed to covid-19.

7. Zoom

img source: tomsguide.com

Zoom became the unintentional heroes of the Covid pandemic… aside from the healthcare workers, that is. If it weren’t for the ability to hop on a video call and have a chat with those you love, how would you have made it through the lockdowns?

Family members were even better connected because they abolished their 40-minute free video call limit and made themselves free to educational establishments so that lessons went on interrupted.

8. Dyson

Although their ventilators were frowned upon in some countries and found to be ineffective in Britain, Dyson still dropped everything and switched their research and development teams, and their factories, to making something that was – and still is – in vitally short supply. The Dyson ventilators have since been perfected and can be distributed.

9. Crocs

img source: nypost.com

Because healthcare workers were on their feet all day, the ultimate comfort shoe company Crocs donated some 10,000 pairs of shoes to help those aching feet. A nice gesture from a firm that a lot of people take the mickey out of. They might not be stylish, but they are ready to help you out in a crisis.

10. Krispy Kreme

img source: bostonglobe.com

This delightful donut company raised morale all over America during the pandemic. They did this by offering a free box of donuts to anyone who showed up on a Monday with their healthcare employee badge in their hand. Krispy Kreme restored the full stomachs of thousands of healthcare workers and made everyone smile.

11. Yelp

On the business end of things, Yelp did a fair amount to help the economy recover. They donated more than $25 million to help businesses advertise further, give them free ad space, and keep their names on our tongues for when it was all over.

They waived fees, too, allowing millions of clients the benefit of the doubt in terms of outstanding balances, until they could reopen.

Go Out and Give Thanks

We would do well to try and reward these businesses with our patronage, given what they have done for us. All it takes is for the public to remember who was there for us when the time came, and we can nurture better businesses in the future.