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Coronavirus Memes Are the Latest Internet Trend

by Elsa Stringer

covidAs with every other world crisis or event, the Internet community took full advantage of the coronavirus pandemic and has been making hilarious memes for the past month or so.



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So far, there have been more than 182,000 infected and over 7,000 dead in 146 countries around the world. Naturally, pop culture and the Internet provide the much needed lightheartedness and humor in the dire times we live in.


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During the last week or two, the most common memes revolve around working from home, travelling, being with your wife or husband and the kids all day, and panic shopping.

Most famous meme formats have been used dozens of times, while new ones pop up every day. The latest ones compare celebrity outfits with hand sanitizer brand labels.

In addition, adorable adds that remind people to wash their hands for 20 seconds at least are fan-favorites. People record and take photos of their pets, teaching them and showing them how to do it properly. Celebrities also joined in with Tik Tok and Instagram videos.

One thing is certain: whatever happens, be it World War III, Australia fires, or the deadly coronavirus, we can always count on the people of the web to make us life during hardship.

Although having fun is important for many, staying healthy is the most important thing. Remember to keep yourself and everyone around you safe by washing your hands and keeping your distance!