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Woman Buys Store’s Entire Supply of Toilet Paper and Shouts “Go, Donald Trump”

by Tracy Finke

A video of a woman loading a truck with boxes of toilet paper, napkins, and tissues emerged on Twitter and caused an enormous public backlash. She supposedly bought all Dollar Tree’s paper products.

Image source: Twitter

The passerby decided to record the whole situation. “Look at this wonderful woman who just told me to go f***myself and minding my own business, who just bought the entire store of toilet paper, paper towels, so that no one else can have any”, woman who taped everything said in the video.

Image source: Twitter

Then the argument between women begins.

The woman who is recording everything says: “I hope you’re not going to sell it to other people. Don’t worry, you’ll see here around the corner selling it for double in a minute”.

And she got a reply. “That’s exactly what I’m going to do”, the woman who bought the products said.

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The woman who is recording tells a man off-screen. “She bought it all from the store, and she thinks it’s right and OK. I bet you she likes Donald Trump too,” and the woman loading boxes of toilet paper shouts: “Donald Trump. Go, Donald Trump!”

Image source: Twitter

This video became viral and was shared on social media, where social media users condemned panic buying and blamed stores for allowing this kind of thing to happen.