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Top 10 Useful Social Media Marketing Tools For Brand Awareness

by Elsa Stringer

It is one thing to have social media accounts for branding but it’s another task to build awareness through those accounts. Social media can be less social for you if your brand is just another face in the crowd. Brand awareness is a topic for discussion in the mind of every brand or business owner lately.

And one of the easiest strategies to build your brand awareness globally is using social media. As easy it might sound, the reality remains that with the competitive nature of the modern social media landscape, building brand awareness in social media is easier said than done.


Looking at brands like GoPro, Wendy’s or Starbucks with their giant population of followers, you might just wonder how they do this and how even a tiny fraction of their performance can be replicated. In reality, you’re not the only one wondering how to get this done. Taking advantage of good social media marketing tools is one way to make this happen. With these tools, you should be able to understand your audience and how to get more, optimize your posts and get good content that will keep your brand in the minds of people. In this article, we’ve taken the time to put down for you top ten useful social media marketing tools that will help you achieve this and build your brand awareness.


If not the best, Agora pulse still stands as one of the most preferred social media marketing tools in the market. It’s a perfect tool for building a brand. Agora pulse has a very simple and straightforward dashboard that will help you switch through your various social media accounts easily. All of its features are listed at the top of the dashboard for easy access. One of the best features that make this tool interesting is the social media inbox. This works like an email account and the idea is to help you access your social media account updates easily responding to the ones that need your attention. 


Apart from other features like post scheduling, automated moderation rules, Agora pulse will help you create more awareness for your brand by using its wonderful analytic reports to keep track of your audience, clients, friends, followers, and their comments. It will help you find out your most engaged users and also who are your influencers and brand ambassadors. With Agora pulse, you can also run quizzes and promotion to increase your awareness.



This is one of the most popular social media management tools with practical and high efficiency. With this tool, you can connect your account to over 35 different social media networks globally and this is not a feature you get to see easily in other social media tools. For this single reason, it’s a perfect tool to build brand awareness for your business especially if you’re aiming to have global coverage. Its monitoring features make it stand out, you can set up streams for monitoring keywords, hashtags, and mentions related to your brand. With this, you can monitor what people are saying about your industry, your brand as well as your competitors. 


Amongst other common features like post scheduling, measuring your performance or how receptive people are towards your brand is another feature this Hootsuite offers. You can easily track your performance, and share insights and campaign with your team via custom easy-to-create reports.


This is a wonderful social media marketing tool and its strength lies in monitoring, competition analysis, and targeting. To effectively increase your brand awareness, you need to learn to focus on the right audience, get your message out there at the right time, and know what your competitors are doing. With this tool, you can get all these done. It will measure your performance and compare it with that of your competitors while managing all your social media accounts in one platform. 

Social bakers can help you optimize your budget for campaigns and help you find the right influencers and also monitor conversations around your brand letting you know who your brand advocates are. Brands like Toyota, Lexus, Orange have used this tool to effectively engage their audience.


Getting the right audience that will carry the news about your brand to others is one of the keys to effectively building brand awareness. We choose Audience as one of the social marketing tools you’ll need due to its focus on audience. It is a social intelligence tool created to help you discover a new audience and segment them. This tool makes it clear to you who your relevant audiences are and how they tick. It will inform you with the strategies to grow your brand and make available to you tracking reports that will help you optimize your audience engagement. Think of this tool as something to help you build customer relationships.


When it comes to post-scheduling, Buffer is one of the most common tools you can use to schedule your posts across multiple social media networks. As a marketer trying to create awareness about your brand, this tool will help you collaborate, plan, publish stopper contents that will effectively engage your audience and grow your brand.

With this tool, a single post can be tailored to match different social networks for better engagement. You can also use Buffer to measure your brand performance by analyzing your content and people’s response to it. Buffer is an ideal tool for engaging your audience as well as providing support to your customers on various social platforms from one shared inbox.



Buzzsumo remains one of the best social media marketing tools for brands. As a brand manager seeking to increase your brand awareness, this is a good start. It will help you discover your most liked and shared content across various social networks. By discovering this, you’ll be able to easily determine which type of content resonates with your audience using Buzzsumo’s advanced search engine. Its top features include; advanced filtering for most shared content across social networks, Shared activity view across social networks and content curation which helps you discover interesting content you can directly share with your audience.


With this wonderful tool, you can monitor your brand and your competitors in real-time across social media networks. It’s a wonderful tool for increasing your brand awareness as it helps you engage with your audience in real-time. With it, you can easily respond to each like tag or mention. You can also filter or sort these mentions according to their importance. Mention has two options; one is tailored to agencies working on behalf of their clients while the other is tailored for businesses focused on brand growth. Whether you want an agency to help you build your awareness across networks or you want to do it yourself, this is the app to use.



Just like the name, this tool focuses on brand building using its social media marketing and analytics features. Everything starts with creating a project using the project creation wizard. During this, Brand24 will ask you to enter keywords related to your industry. This could be your brand name, branded hashtag and it will take it from there. And they have some great guides on how to manage your online presence and reputation, check out one of them here

With its hashtag metrics, you should be able to see how many people have seen your hashtagged content, how many times the hashtag has been used across social platforms as well as which social media network generates the highest buzz. Its engagement metrics analyze how your content resonates with your audience. The influence metrics tells you who talk more about your brand and so many more. Other features include the trending hashtags, PDF reports, location, and sentiment analysis to know whether your audience is positive, neutral or negative about your brand.

Source: brand24.com


If you have a large budget for branding, then this might be the tool you need. It features highly visual analytics perfect for explaining social media marketing for a client if you’re a branding agency. The tool also stands out with its signals feature giving you real-time market insights to help you compete with other brands in the industry. This gives you the option to create alerts whenever a keyword is mentioned by the authors you select. Signal alerts can also be set for a sudden peak in the number of mentions or increase in negative mentions.


This is perfect for solopreneurs, small business owners and anyone who is starting out small as it doesn’t require a large budget yet features the major listening tools for social media. Awario boasts of being able to crawl over 13 billion web pages daily with forums like Reddit included which means it has the ability to find new mentions very quick. While gathering these mentions, it also breaks them down as positive mentions, neutral or negative mentions. As someone trying to increase brand awareness, Awario will help you find important discussions in real-time so you join them and spread the word about your product and services.