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The importance of a good presentation

by Edvard Berlusconi

A lot of professional firms and businesses use presentations to motivate, persuade, inform and educate external and internal audiences. They build presentations into training, sales, and internal communication programs, using only the power of images and words to engage their audience and keep their attention. A well-crafted presentation also displays professionalism and helps to reinforce the organization’s image of a company.

Importance of a good presentation when in an interview


When you introduce yourself in an interview, you are trying to present yourself in the best light possible. You present your behaviors, expressions, knowledge, experiences, and personality so that the interviewer can get you as an asset for the company. Using a good presentation can show all your detailed traits while also keeping their attention.

Importance of a good presentation for students


A good presentation is not important only for teachers but also for students. The presentation can help students present to everyone in the classroom about everything they have learned. Is it the best way a student can explain the topic thoroughly while keeping every other student’s interested. Creating good presentations can help students develop useful presentation skills that they can use in the future. These presentation skills can help you with the way you introduce, explain and present your products or services in front of potential customers. When you are presenting a new agenda, solution or a problem that is also a presentation and a show of good presentation skills.

Benefits of a good presentation:


  • Face to face presentation

A presentation provides the opportunity to meet your potential clients and customers in person. According to EffectivePresentations, face to face meetings can help to build relationships and strengthen trust. Using presentations as part of a sales campaign can improve a business’s profit. The EffectivePesentations survey found that the value of orders can be more than fifteen times greater from face to face meetings compared to other results from other marketing activities.

  • Engagement

Presentations make it much easier to engage with your customers. Striking and vivid images can hold your audience’s attention, while summary text or clear bullet points can help the audience follow the logic of your presentation. The theatrical nature of these presentations can make a much greater impact on an audience than an individual trying to explain the same point by just talking. This high level of engagement ensures that you get your message across to everyone in your audience.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is an important part of presentations. You can change the content easily and quickly to modify the presentation for different audiences or incorporate new information. This is what makes presentations much more flexible than a printed medium, such as a brochure, which would be very expensive to modify.

  • Consistent

A presentation is a very versatile communication tool. You can use them in one to one meetings, viewing the content on a tabler, laptop or even your smartphone. The same presentation can be the core feature in a much larger meeting by using a projector or a big screen. You can also make your presentation available for download from the internet so every one of your meeting can have access to them and even bring them home.