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How To Attract Attention And Achieve A High Open Rate?

by Sinke Car

The success of your email campaign depends on variable factors. However, there are a few things one can do to ensure that the delivered ones are opened.

To make certain that the posts are opened, it first needs to be delivered to the correct address. Service such as a validation service (eg. emaillistverify.com) has made it simpler for campaigners as they filter out the disused email addresses, ensuring a very high delivery rate.

Who is sending the email?


Chances are that if we are in a hurry, we are unlikely to open one from a company name that does not play a big role in our lives. Researchers have noticed that people are more likely to open post from a person than from a company. Therefore, by changing the name on the sender’s side, there is a higher probability of the mail being read.

Subject lines


Subject lines are what the client will read first besides the name of the sender. The subject lines need to be catchy and safe from spam filters, and therefore one must avoid using the above-mentioned words carelessly, as it can result in undelivered mails. Writing a good subject line is the most crucial part of the email content, and one should spend a considerable amount of time to frame it.

Spam filters

Spam filters work based on triggers which include sending bulk emails from unknown IP addresses and keywords in the subject line. Keyword selection is important, based on the ever-changing algorithms. Some of the words which triggers are save cash, quote, free and help, to name a few. It’s not necessary to avoid the use of the words completely, however, one should be wary of how the subject line is quoted.



Timing plays an important role as during weekends, people are likely to be busy with family and resting and mails may not be checked frequently.

Emails sent on weekdays, starting from Tuesday till Thursday, are good times to send. However, you will have to compete with high volumes of them. Sunday is also a good day to send the content, as most people think Sundays may not be effective, therefore the volume will be lower.

Each campaigner has to figure out the best time, subject lines, sender name for its products and services through trials and errors. With proper planning and well-researched campaigns, email marketing can be one of the most effective forms of digital marketing.

IP addresses

Bulk emails from unknown IP addresses create problems, as spam filters will not allow large bulk messages to come through unless it is from a trusted source. To overcome this issue, the sender should start by sending small groups of posts to engaged users, ensuring that the emails are delivered and opened.  When this is happening regularly, the IP address will then be accepted as legitimate.

Sender score


Each IP address has a sender score, which is a numerical representation of the sending reputation. This is measured by the performance across key metrics, which helps in understanding how welcome their emails are to their subscribers. Each IP address has a sender score; a Return Path Provider Network calculates the sender score based on the capture of the reputation metrics.

Good deals, promotions, and knowledge

To ensure that the emails are opened, the sender should send targeted content, which is relevant to the user. It is advisable to segment the mailing lists to deliver relevant content. The letter or mail may have promotional offers to help the client the next time they visit the page or website. Another great way to engage customers with the emails will be by offering small courses online or maybe workshops, or free pointers for your services and better packages which can help them in the future.

Subject lines


When choosing which email to read, we are all guilty of deleting the ones which are not interesting for us. Similarly, the customer will be deleting emails which have no significance to them, or their interests. As with any form of advertising, the key to getting customers sometimes is really simple, a good catch line or an interesting subject line goes a long way.

Email marketing is a vast subject and requires many trials and errors to ascertain how to engage well with the customers. By following some of the pointers ahead, you can inch their way forward to the most commonly used marketing tactic for their business.