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Why Social Media Marketing is Crucial for your Local Business?

by William Gist

Initially, social media was created with the intention of helping individuals keep in touch with friends, family, and their loved ones or reconnect with long lost family/friends. It worked to bridge the distance creating this aura and the true possibility of connection and togetherness despite other constraints such as time, distance, money, etc. However, over time social media evolved, it became an avenue, a medium for individuals to share information globally effortlessly, an avenue to grow your business, an effective and efficient marketing tool and medium.


Social media marketing creates avenues for opportunities and business growth for local business.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for local business looking to increase brand recognition-their presence and the visibility of their products and/or services. Over time marketing costs accumulate and can be expensive and not entirely correspondent to the results expected. Using social media platforms as part of your marketing strategy for growing your local business

The Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing for your Local Business

Wide Audience

Social media marketing enables you to reach a wider audience across all demographics, that is versatile but at the same time also enables you to tailor your reach one that corresponds to your product/service, concept and target audience.

Brand Recognition

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for local business looking to increase brand recognition their presence online will enable them to increase the visibility of their products and/or services.

Cost Effective

Over time marketing costs accumulate and can be expensive and not entirely correspondent to the results expected. Using social media platforms as part of your marketing strategy for growing your local business is could help you save costs in the long run.


Social media marketing is agile, in that it is flexible in the event that a particular thing isn’t working as it ought to be- It is easy to take a different route, saving a lot of time and other resources. It is also time efficient, you could have material out and share information instantly to a broad audience.

Increased Traffic

The use of Social Media enables you to funnel other marketing channels by having a social media platform presence it takes things to the next level organically. By sharing information online and engaging customers constantly, you increase inbound traffic which in turn results in consumers clicking through to your website.


Instagram is the third most popular social media platform with an estimated 800 million active user accounts. In addition, it currently ranks as the fastest growing platform. Instagram boasts of an approximate 40% of global brands presently having an active and recurring audience. It is also estimated that as much as 60% of Instagram users will check their Instagram daily and sometimes multiple times throughout the day.


The Benefits of using Instagram to grow your Local Business

Instagram has made a lot of strides since its humble beginnings in 2010 and most businesses continue to harness its benefits with more business joining the bandwagon. With many brands, companies and individuals using Instagram, it is quite easy to assume that the platform simply functions as a mode of marketing your products and services, drawing out consumers to make a purchase(s). But, not quite the advantages of using Instagram as part of your marketing strategy are vast.

Instagram allows you to:

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags enables your local business to attract new customers across all demographics, increase your visibility at the same time stimulate and heighten your marketing campaign. Be creative through interactive videos and photos.

Allows for Creativity

Instagram offers many ways to get creative consumers by nature are visual creatures they have an affinity for visual content – photos, videos, gifs. Visual content tends to sustain consumer engagement.

Provide Customer Support

Instagram enables the ease of communication between the business/service provider and the consumer. Consumer questions and problems can be resolved efficiently.

Fuel other marketing channels

Instagram allows you to run the same time advertising or marketing campaign on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at the same time enabling you to maximize your reach.

Useful Analytics

Instagram offers useful analytics, you can view the likes, comments, followers and view the conversation in regards to your brand. This enables you to easily manage your reputation and a great vehicle for affordable PR. Moreover, it contains built-in analytics reports to help you interpret the results of engagement and marketing campaigns. With such information, you easily and successfully manage your local business easily.

Generate Sales

You can generate sales for your local business via an Instagram shop. Where You can tag your products and services to make them shoppable in that once the consumer clicks on the item it leads them to how and where they can purchase the products or service.


Instant Famous

Social media promoters like Instant Famous are used to promote you on social media. They provide services such as instant Instagram followers, instant Instagram views, instant Instagram likes and comments. Essentially for a fee, you can achieve any of these services to help you boost your online social media presence and interaction. As a loyal and engaged following translates to an increase in sales and return on investment for your business


Advantages of using Instant Famous

Gaining a loyal following and engaging them traditionally, often takes time and patience that many businesses and business owners typically do not have. As patience is a virtue, it isn’t for everyone thus the opportunity and needs to purchase such services instantly. Such a simple act can make all the difference for your business.

Buying followers likes and views speed up the process it takes to gain a loyal audience and fast track the marketing activities intended. It also helps boost your credibility without having to really work on it. As other Instagram users view your page, they begin to follow you too, organically as you have achieved some form of popularity, hence appear more reputable and credible. As a result, marketing campaigns become more effective due to the fact that the trust barrier has been eliminated. In addition, credibility translates to an increase in sales.