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Different Strategies to Grow Your Instagram

by William Gist

Having a presence on any social media platform can be extremely important for business, but it is especially crucial when it comes to Instagram. It is a platform that has over 1 billion active monthly users and daily, around 200 million of them visit at least one business profile.

It can be an extremely powerful marketing tool and a place where businesses can connect with their supporters while raising awareness of their brand. Using the right strategies can bring a lot of exposure, so here are some different ways to effectively do this and grow your Instagram account in the process.

Consistency is important


Many probably wonder how often they should post on the platform and whether it will affect their profile growth and engagement. Most influencers and brands post at least once or twice per day, but some post more often than that. However, the frequency and consistency of posting are up to you.

Finding what works for your account is important. If your audience is not used to seeing several posts per day from you, they might get annoyed and unfollow you. You might also not have the means and time to create so much content at once. This is why sticking to one or two quality posts per day is more important than posting 10 mediocre ones. Consistency and quality are crucial. Frequency – not so much.

Take advantage of different media

With such a huge number of users and so much content that is being put out, relying on just pictures to grow your account is simply not enough anymore. This is why utilizing other forms of media such as Stories, videos, and live videos is important.

According to Cheapigfollowers, videos are overtaking images as the content that is generating the most engagement, so utilizing this type of media might help you grow your profile much faster. Stories are easy to create, so try posting 5-30 per day, and if you decide to do live videos, they do not have to be too long. Plan your content strategy so that you can be prepared for anything unexpected.

Engage with your followers


Engaging with your audience is a great way to attract new people, but also for creating a stronger, deeper relationship between you and your followers. Always put some time aside to reply to comments, answer messages and questions, like images and videos, even comment on other’s content. Every interaction will be appreciated and it is also a great way of keeping your audience engaged.

Find your niche

Becoming a successful influencer requires identifying your niche and building your brand. Whether it is wellness, travel, fashion, fitness, or something else, make sure to choose one where you can offer insight and share unique experiences while also providing high-quality content.

Stick to niche hashtags


Using the right hashtags is important for growing your profile as it increases your reach and discoverability. Although Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post, you do not have to use such a high number for them to be effective. Using a smaller number like 5-9 hashtags that are relevant to your niche and brand will ensure more success.

Remember to avoid using ones that are too popular, since it might make it harder for your post to be discovered. For the highest engagement using hashtags and the location tag at the same time is best.


Although it is important to post consistently, always remember that the quality of your images and videos should also be high. Do not be afraid to get more personal, your loyal fans will appreciate it, and keep in mind that people are always looking for content that is engaging, useful, creative, and current.