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7 Technologies That Will Change the World

by Dangula Bingula

Modern technology is evolving at an incredible rate, by becoming available to every person. It has the power to make a change, but change the world as well. The very development of modern technology results in a large number of IT professionals and an increase in their number day by day.

We can freely say that we are privileged to live in a world like this and that the future brings us innovations every day.  On marketbusinessnews.com you can find much interesting information due to this topic. So, let’s start from the beginning by representing you technologies that will, or already have changed the world.



The Internet is for sure one of the world’s greatest discoveries and has already greatly changed the world. It allows us to get the necessary information very easily, without much effort. In many cases, it will save us time, because it is enough to type in the keywords to find out everything we want.

Today, it is even possible to study online, do shopping, read a book, hear your favorite song, buy a plane ticket, and do many other things from the comfort of your own home. The Internet offers us to learn new things every day, and we can say the internet is an inexhaustible source of information.



While up to 2000 only businessmen and wealthier people had a mobile phone, today even children have one. This technology has allowed us to exchange pictures, messages, or make a video call with a favorite person whenever we want. However, this is nothing compared to other things that the present offers us, but also the future promises. Also, installing various applications can be very useful.

This way your phone will take you to your favorite destination even if you don’t know the route. You won’t need a map, as the apps have marked paths, speed limit information, restaurants, and gas stations nearby, all accompanied by a voice giving you instructions. Smartphones have almost completely taken computers out of use because they have very good specifications and are easy to use.



Bluetooth is also worth mentioning and is used for wireless data transfer between devices. It was created back in 1999 and its primary function is to connect the phone and headphones wirelessly, which would allow many drivers to have a safe conversation while driving.

Also, it is useful for many athletes to listen to their favorite songs during training, without cables that will bother them. Although Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have a similar function, the main difference is that Bluetooth does not require an internet connection to transfer data.



This is probably a word you can hear more and more often in conversation. It is digital money that allows you to trade and invest online. Many people consider this a lucrative business, whether it is a major or an additional source of income.

Thanks to software that works on the principle of artificial intelligence, today this is a very lucrative business, and even those who do not know much about this topic can earn a decent amount. We must also mention blockchain technology, which plays an important role in cryptocurrency trading, but can also be used for storage, handling, and data transfer in hospitals and other industries.

Artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence is based on human intelligence and in many ways makes life easier. Thus, for example, it can recognize various diseases such as cancer, to solve problems in transportation. Already today, some cars have the autopilot option, and which use various sensors to keep the direction and a certain speed.

The thought of flying cars doesn’t sound impossible anymore. What can still be expected in the close future are the airplanes and cars with no pilot or drivers. we believe that we can expect flying cars soon, because they have been talked about for a long time, and some prototypes have already been made.

We must also mention live robots that can be programmed in several ways, to be your servant in the house, to take care of a person with special needs, and even to recognize your feelings and mood. While for some this sounds scary, others are thrilled at the very thought of having one like this.

3D printing


Three-dimensional printing has found its purpose in medicine, the IT sector, the automotive industry, and many others. It is a part of the process known as additive manufacturing where an object is created by adding material layer by layer. Although it sounds complicated, it is very simple.

The imagined object needs to be made in the AutoCAD program, based on which it is made in reality. It is interesting that in this way objects can be made from a combination of different materials. Researches showed a 3D printer will take over at least 5% of manufacturing products until 2030. We can say it functions the same way as 2D printer, with the difference a 2D printer prints ink on sheets of paper, while 3D printer prints objects by combining material such as plastic, clay, and others.

AR/VR technology


Although their use is usually associated with playing games, this technology is also present at some higher levels. Augmented reality (AR) provides us to see unreal things by using certain applications. One of the good examples is a game Pokemon Pro, which made people able to see pokemon in their environment, but only through the screen, and no interaction is possible. Some applications demanded glasses, others not.

When it comes to virtual reality (VR), glasses are obligatory. It gives you the opportunity to see nothing but a virtual world. Although interaction with that world is not completely possible, it is possible to do things like open the door, move things, and so on.


Either way, if we look back to the past, we will see that new technologies have already changed and disordered today’s lifestyle a lot. A lot of things are easier to do today, thanks to that.