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Why to Choose Professional Explainer Video Production Company

by Jajce d Muckic

More and more businesses are using explainer videos to attract more visitors and bring organic traffic to their websites, or to promote their work. So, let’s understand why these videos took the internet by storm. Let’s talk numbers, 95% of people after watching explainer video contact sales to learn more about a product or service.

More stats? 64% of your consumers are more prone to buy your product after watching explainer video, 79% of website visitors prefer videos rather than boring text. Can you see their huge impact on your business growth? After realizing the importance of explainer video, it might be obvious for you that only high-quality content can help you rank high on Google and inspire your consumers to take action.

This is where professional explainer video production services like Bonomotion come to the rescue. Such companies offer its customers high definition explainer video design and creation services to help you drive more sales and walk hand-in-hand with current trends.

I bet you think about why I should pay a lot of money to video producing companies when there are a lot of DIY video builders. Well, of course, you can, but would it be of the same high quality as the one created by professionals? Think of hiring a video animation company as not a money waste but an investment that will bring targeted audiences to your website, increase engagement in social media, and at the end of the day convert your visitors to customers. Let’s see the top benefits of hiring an animated explainer video agency.

What is an explainer video?

These are the short videos you can see on websites, and social media, especially Instagram. They are used to explain how some product works, or to send a message to the potential customers why to choose some company, instead of any other. Usually, they are short (less than one minute), and are a combination of slides and inserts that merged together, can help you gain more visibility on the Internet, but also, attract the potential customers that are first time meeting your products and services.

As we know, TikTok and Instagram are the most popular platforms between young people, and adults are finally accepting them. Many studies showed that a huge percent of Internet users prefer videos over Facebook statuses or long website articles. When you try to explain to them why they need to choose you, it’s better to do that with a friendly voice and smile on your face. There are no words that can explain facial expressions and a nice voice, but with a video, you can do that.

You should already know that journalists turn their stories into clips, so people can see what’s their message they want to send. That’s named Mobile Journalism (MoJo), and they are using their smartphones to record, and then they do just a quick work and publish it on their websites. Many of them can confirm they have more page visits after they started using videos to tell their stories.

That’s one of the reasons marketers had accepted explainer videos and used them to spread the good word and promote something new. They are similar to the classical TV ads, and the fact is people love them and watch them, and even decide to try that new product they promote.

The benefits of choosing a professional explainer video production rather than DIY

Be time-savvy

There is a good saying, time is money. It’s not easy to create a video by yourself, but also, it’s not impossible. First off, you should adapt to the software you will be using, and choose a perfect template for you (which FYI won’t be perfect and you have to customize to meet the requirements). Secondly, you or your team have to write the script, whereas professional video production companies like valueimagery.com, will do that for you. And finally, when your video will be ready after a few failed attempts, you have to pay to remove the watermark. Totally a waste of time and money. It is ok because you are not a pro at creating explainer videos, let the professional take care of all the hassles.

To get a completely professional service, you either have to buy the full version of the software (which we strongly recommend) or pay a professional service that will complete the whole project. You need to decide what works better for you. There are many apps that are user-friendly and you can easily learn how to create these videos. Another solution is to hire one employee who will work only on videos and produce a few of them every day. But if you overwhelmed by your work, then don’t try to do it by yourself and hire a company to finish the material.

Have a branded animated video

Usually, online video building websites do not offer special branded services. They might have a huge library of ready-made icons, images, pre-ready explainer video templates, etc. but none of them will offer a customized video template specifically designed for your company. In the case of animation video companies, they will build a video from scratch taking into account your brand identity including colors, tone of voice, typography, etc.

Branding will make you different and recognizable. Choose your template and save it, and then just update it as you need. For example, you can brand the opening and the end, implement your logo, use recognizable colors and fonts, and if possible, one or two narrators with a nice and friendly voice.

Grab attention with a catchy video

There are not enough tools to build what you have in your mind with online video makers. As a result, you end up with a totally different thing which doesn’t even come across with what you imagined. Professional video makers will study your product or service in detail, separate key features, write a video script, and design video elements to showcase your benefits in a catchier way. After all, our ultimate goal is to present the product as simply and in detail as possible so that no question is left after watching it.

Even the videos shouldn’t be boring like the long articles. No one wants to watch a movie, so don’t talk and explain a lot, go straight to the point and call them to action. Yes, you must use that CTA marketers are always talking about.

Stand out with high definition content

Do you know what your competitors do? Exactly, they don’t invest in high-quality video production so it is more likely to disappear in the infinity of the internet. Do you know why they fail when animation videos actually help drive sales?

Because of the low-quality content they offer. Trusting your explainer video animation creation to the experts will ensure your customers spend more than 2 minutes on your website. What does it mean? Google won’t neglect your video and will give proper attention to it, if you know how to optimize the description, of course.

This content took the internet by storm, right? Then why not make the most of it. Grab your chance, better to try once than regret later for not taking the opportunity to make your business thrive.