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Top Tips for Picking the Best Electric Skateboard

by Dangula Bingula

Electric skateboarding has taken off in a very big way. The community was once a niche sector in just a few countries. But in 2024, e-skating is a major hobby all over the world. As the demand for quality skateboards continues to grow, riders have seen a number of brands come and go. Notably, the closure of Boosted Boards marks a major transition in the electric skateboard market. While companies scramble and compete to claim some of the market share left by the exit of Boosted, smart consumers might be able to score some solid deals.

After all, buying a good electric skateboard shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s true that you generally get what you pay for. But following a few important tips can mean the difference between paying a premium on a mediocre board and walking away with a top-shelf board at a discounted price. This buying guide should give you the tools you need to effectively balance quality with value as you look for your next e-skating device.

What do you want to spend?


For some riders, budget is a secondary concern. For others, minimizing cost is the main factor in any electric skateboard purchasing decision. Price ranges for brand-name electric longboards can vary greatly. Some skateboards cost from $300-500, while others can exceed $1,500 or more in price. Because of this, determining your budget before you start shopping can be an incredibly important tool.

Online resources within the e-skating community can go a long way to help you narrow down your options regarding price. At the end of the day, a casual and novice e-skater really shouldn’t look for a $1,500 professional board. Likewise, experienced riders should know better than to expect skateboards with a price-tag of under $500 to offer the high-speed performance they crave.

YouTube channels, Reddit, and electric skateboard blogs can help you learn how to stick to your budget without compromising too much on quality. If you are on a tight budget and want to get the best bang for your buck, check out this article at e-skateboarder that reviews the best electric skateboards under $500

Technical factors



The range of a board might be important to some riders and unimportant to others. If you plan on commuting regularly on your skateboard, its range should be a primary consideration. The range of an e-board is determined almost exclusively by the size of its battery. The larger the battery, the longer range you can expect. Lightweight boards might be able to get more mileage out of a battery than bulkier models. Battery size is measured in Wh, also known as Watt-hours.

If you find an ideal skateboard but it comes with a small battery, consider purchasing a fast charger. Several companies on the e-skating market distribute chargers capable of bringing most batteries to full charge within a couple of hours. If you’re a commuter who can charge your device at work, a speedy charger can really make skateboard commuting more feasible.

Speed and Acceleration


Like range, the importance of speed to your buying decision depends on the type of e-skater you plan to be. Some riders want the fastest boards with the quickest accelerations. Others prefer more stability and a steady rate of acceleration. Although almost everything about a board’s technical specs contribute to its maximum speed, the most important factor is likely the motor or drive train. Figuring out which type of motor you prefer is an important step to narrow down your search for the perfect skateboard.

Hub motors are quiet, but they don’t offer the power and torque of belt drive systems. Belt drive motors are also able to accommodate different types of wheels, while hub skateboards are generally locked-in to a specific wheel. Belt drive systems offer maximum speed and performance, as well as stability. But these systems are very loud, which could be a problem for some commuters.

Customer Rep


Never discount the importance of a company’s customer service team to the overall value of your device. A company is only as good as the service it’s able to offer its customers. This rings especially true in the growing e-skating sector. One big reason Boosted Boards held such esteem in the community for so long is because of their proven track record of impeccable customer service. Working closely with a solid customer service team can help to get you back on the road quickly after a crash, accident, or malfunction.



If you’re working with a belt drive system, you might be able to get away with switching your board’s wheels to fit whatever riding occasion you’re planning. But for most belt drive systems, wheel type and size are important considerations. Bigger wheels are almost always going to be better for off-road and rough-terrain skateboarding. Pneumatic and honeycomb wheels are especially popular because of how well they help maintain speed and stability on unstable terrain.

Just like in the traditional longboard industry, wheels are a subject of popular obsession among e-skaters. You should have no problem finding a number of detailed guides on YouTube, Reddit, and various online blogs to help you figure out the specific wheel type that’s right for your riding experience.

Shopping Around

This should go without saying, but it’s always important to closely compare both specs and price on multiple skateboard models before making a purchase. New companies on the e-skating scene are gaining notoriety every week. And with the wealth of resources available to help you along while you search for the ideal board, there’s no need to jump at the first offer you see.

Black Friday Sales


Black Friday, as well as most sales holidays in the US, are good times to look for electric skateboards. While some companies might not discount their devices for the holidays, many will. If you’re able to hold out that long, Black Friday and Cyber Monday could come with some massive discounts on popular electric skateboards.

Online Reviews

Look further than just the company website when picking out an electric skateboard. E-board companies will naturally tend to pick the best reviews of their devices to publish on their official websites. To get the full picture, look around and read or watch some reviews from trusted skaters and journalists about the boards that interest you.

Final Thoughts

A common misconception among new electric skaters is that a quality e-board must always cost a ton of money. In reality, there are several things you can do to help maximize savings without compromising on performance. Figure out what matters to you in a board, read up extensively on reviews and options, and then hit the road on your new device!