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Hollywood Actor Mickie Rourke Looks Unrecognizable

by Nebojša Vujinović

Legendary Hollywood actor and producer Philip Andre “Mickey” Rourke Junior, 67, commonly known as Mickey Rourke, has been photographed for the first time following a month in quarantine.

The famous American actor looks very different from what his fans and the media are used to. He stepped out onto the streets of Beverly Hills, which is when the photographers took some snaps.

Source: Profimedia

The fans immediately noticed how strange he looks. They were quick to make fun of both his figure, and the colorful outfit he opted to put on. Rourke wore an olive and camo outfit that was all over the place. Parts of his chest and belly fell out of the unzipped hoodie.

Source: Profimedia

He also had sunglasses on, and a very colorful surgical mask with what appears to be a cat paw print. While some laughed at his new look, many more found it sad and worrisome, especially when compared to his looks in the past.

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Source: Instagram.com

At the beginning of April, Rourke had to stop shooting a new movie in Latvia because of the pandemic. He was filming in the capital, Riga, when everything shut down due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In his early days and for the better part of his career, Mickey was known for his macho style and bad boy swagger. This is mostly why the people were so shocked with his current state.

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Source: Profimedia

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