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6 Reasons Why Michael Jackson Is the Greatest Music Artists of All Time

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The king of pop, Michael Jackson, is one of the most popular musicians who changed the show business and wrote new pages in music history. Although he was surrounded by controversies such as various accusations, he was not a pop icon himself. In the opinion of many, he had a huge influence on mass culture in every possible way. On the day he died, he left behind millions of tearful fans, but he still lives on through his legacy.

Singers around the world still perform his famous moves like the moonwalk and the robot. Even the emergence of the TikTok platform contains elements of Michael’s dance. So his range is unbeatable. He became popular because of his talent, charisma and enigma. Let us reveal something more about his personality and career.

1. Talent for singing

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The first thing we cannot dispute is the exceptional talent. Even without the attractive looks, he would manage to reach his fans equally. Michael started his musical career at a very young age and achieved great success with his siblings. The group was known as the Jackson 5. Initially, the Jackson family performers consisted of Jackson’s older brothers Tito, Jermaine and Jackie.

Michael Jackson joined his siblings when he was five years old and became the group’s lead vocalist. Michael and his brothers spent endless hours practicing and perfecting their music. The group became so popular that they even had their own cartoon series of the same name.

2. Award-winning albums

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His album “Off the Wall” which delighted the music world. A few years later, another great album of his, “Thriller”, was released and it became definitely the best-selling album in history. He received over 10 Grammy nominations and won eight. He also had duets in his career, each of which ended up at the top of the pop charts. His well-known hit “Billie Jean” featured choreography that took the world by storm.

With the album “Bad” was the continuation of “Thriller” and Jackson spent many years on tour, without a break. We have to mention the album “Dangerous”. One of his most famous hits featured child star Macaulay Culkin, known for the film “Home Alone”.

3. Dance skills

When you play one of his songs at Mp3Juice you will hear his amazing voice right away, but we must mention that Michael was not only gifted in singing but also in dancing. That was big part of his personality as well. He picked up the legendary moonwalk from street kids he saw dancing. When he was a child, he danced to the sound of the washing machine. That’s why he had innovative videos that lasted longer than 10 minutes. Although it was very unusual, people actually watched it. That’s when the way videos are viewed changed. Michael continued to break barriers when it came to special effects. It was another expression of his art that always accompanied him. He invested a lot of money in his career and was very happy to do so. However, he didn’t really put everything into special effects. His dance steps seemed completely unreal as he constantly practiced and tried to become the best version of himself. Let’s take a look back at his energetic performances, where people would scream and cry with excitement.

4. Scandals

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Throughout his life, he was followed by great success, many fans, but scandals. Various stories were associated with his character, because Jackson often provoked with his appearance and behavior. He could not leave anyone indifferent, but unpleasant situations beyond his control also happened. One of the famous stories happened back in 1984.

When he suffered burns on his face and scalp. This was followed by experimentation with plastic surgery. The pop icon has changed drastically over the years, especially the nose. Then there were stories that he lightened his skin with chemical treatments, but it was actually vitiligo.

5. Philanthropy

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In his time, he was very generous when it came to donations. Some of his most humanitarian acts were supporting the HIV and AIDS campaign. The most interesting thing is that these topics were at the peak of controversy at the time. In the end, he himself founded a foundation whose purpose is to help poor youth.

He participated in the realization of many humanitarian goals, such as helping victims of war. He was very happy to hold tours in countries where there was a high percentage of people infected with AIDS. Therefore, he worked to spread awareness and help the sick. Africa was such a country.

6. Attractive appearance

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When we talk about his specific way of dressing, we cannot ignore the fact that the singer adored tight clothes. At performances, he even wore clothes that were several sizes smaller. He was also recognizable by a single glove, shoes that helped him perform his legendary pitch, and a jacket with additional elements. You remember his shoes that allowed him to lean 45 degrees. They were specially designed, but to perform such a movement required a lot of strength and practice. Why was he wearing white socks? He loved wearing them for several reasons, no one else did it his way.

He would combine them with black shoes and it would draw attention to his dance moves. If you watch one of his performances, you will notice that he wore white bands around his fingers. It is another element that will draw attention to a certain part of the body. Michael loved to make each outfit mysterious, because then his fans would be even more interested.


His fame is a combination of great achievement and a lot of controversy during his life. He was also active in the film industry, and his natural talent did not leave him even in the last years of his life. It kept the authenticity and the fans. The new generation loved him equally. Tickets for the last concert sold out in just a few hours. Unfortunately, Michael didn’t make it, but he had a fame that no one else had. She has reached incredible heights and will never be forgotten.