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Meghan Markle Finally Speaks, 10 Days After The Murder of George Floyd

by Nebojša Vujinović

Meghan Markle, 38, the former Duchess of Sussex and the wife of Prince Harry, 35, has finally talked about the current situation in the USA, 10 days after the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police.

In a video message to “Immaculate Heart High School” in Los Angeles, Markle spoke about Floyd and the rest of Afro-Americans killed by the police during the last several years. Meghan attended this school from 11 to 18 years of age.

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For “The Sun” and their YouTube profile, Meghan spoke for around six minutes and opened her heart. She mainly addressed the graduating class of 2024, and shared her views on the current hardships of the American people.

The whole video is worth watching, especially for the citizens of LA. She mentioned she did not know what to tell them and that she was nervous. But, saying nothing is the worst possible situation as she stated. Then, she went on saying that the lives of all people the police killed mattered.

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History Repeats Itself

Meghan also recalled the LA riots of 1992 when Rodney King was beaten to death by the LAPD. She clearly remembers the ash, smoke, and people running about on her way back from home. She had just started school back then and is sad that the teenagers are still experiencing the same world today. Meghan also apologized several times that the world is not a better place.

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Negative Feedback

The video was uploaded on June 4, and currently has about 22,000 views. However, it has more dislikes than likes, 607 to 425, and the comments are largely negative. “Glad people are realising that famous people’s words don’t matter any more than anyone else’s,” reads the top comment with 150 likes. The second comment says, “If George Floyd was alive, and went to these rich peoples houses , he would have been shot.” People are increasingly unhappy with the large divide between rich and poor, and do not believe celebrities’ messages of hope and support are genuine.

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