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8 Most Secure Ways To Maintain Your Car

by William Gist

Many things will put your car, your interior belongings, and even the people inside them in danger. To keep your car safe and secure, you should take into consideration some practices to maintain the well being of your vehicle.

Doing Your Maintenance


When it comes to ensuring your car is maintained and secure, you should consider doing your maintenance yourself if you can. If you are doing your own minor repairs and small maintenance checks, then you will be better equipped and knowledgeable about your vehicle.

You won’t have to worry about others doing anything in your car that would concern you if you have this grasp of your car and are familiar with everything that is being changed, installed, or tinkered within your vehicle. You will still need to have your car brought in for larger repairs in most cases unless you are a mechanic yourself, but doing your minor repairs and changes like changing fluids and plugs will keep your vehicle out of the hands of strangers more often, not to mention save you some money as well.

Trusted Mechanics


One of the best things to do to ensure the security of maintaining your vehicle to have trusted mechanics and professionals be the ones to take care of all your maintenance needs. Leaving your car to someone is similar to leaving your pets or family members in the hands of trusted doctors.

You want to know that the people working on your car are performing exactly what you need, and not simply doing things that will generate them more money. Additionally, having some knowledge of what you need to be done will go a long way to making sure your car is being properly maintained.

Other Automotive Professionals


Similar to ensuring that your mechanics are people that you can trust, you want to feel secure with anyone working on your car. This includes windshield installations, as well as bodywork and other customization.

It is important to read more information on places that have the right understanding of what work needs to be done, that use the best quality material, and provide the best service will keep your mind at ease when thinking of the security of your car.

Do Not Leave Your Car Running


To make sure that you maintain the safety and security of your vehicle, it is important to make sure that you never leave your car running when not operating the vehicle. Many incidents are reported of car thefts jumping into a running car when the owner starts it and leaves it for a few minutes.

This is frequent in cold climates where vehicle owners need to ‘warm-up’ their engines but also occurs for people forgetting things when leaving your home or running into a store or gas station quickly. Spending a few minutes in your car as it warms up will ensure that you do not lose it or have it broken into.

Public Parking Lots


When you are in public, it is important to keep in mind that cars are still susceptible to being broken into. With this in mind, you should remember certain things that will help prevent your car from being broken into or damaged. Parking somewhere that is well lit and has other cars around will deter would-be thefts. Additionally, being somewhere that has other people will save you more often of being a victim of damage to your vehicle or a break-in.

Always remember to check your vehicle in parking lots as well, when re-entering it. Many suspect instances occur with scammers and thieves that manipulate your environment that causes you to suspect something is wrong with your vehicle once you start it up. Noises may confuse and lead you to getting out of your car with your keys in to check on that noise. This is when thieves will jump into your driver’s seat and steal your car. If you are alone and suspect anything with your environment, act cautiously.

Personal Security

There are things that you can do to ensure your car’s safety and maintenance. Installing a dashboard camera will provide you evidence in the event damage is to occur and you will be able to regain compensation to cover costs. If you are unsure of your environment, installing home cameras overlooking your car will help maintain your car’s security as well. Not only will these cameras be useful for instances of property damage and concern, but give you the bonus of upholding your safety.

Garages and Driveways

If you live in a home that has a driveway or a garage, it is best to store your vehicle inside when you return home. It may be enticing to keep your car outside, for when you want to leave for work quicker or simply not have to deal with the extra few minutes in the morning to access your car. However, these extra few steps and little extra time will save you from having to worry about the security of your vehicle. Additionally, having your car in a garage will allow you to ‘warm it up’ in colder months, or save you from having to brush off snow or other debris.

Simple Practices and Routines

Having good practices and routines when entering and leaving your car will help with making sure that it is safe and secure to operate. This includes checking the surrounding areas for harmful debris, for anything suspicious, or even problems with the vehicle itself such as leaks. Practicing and maintaining these habits of safety and prevention may only take a couple of minutes out of your day but will save you more time and money in the long run. It is these small practices like ensuring your car doors are locked when storing that will add up and provide you with a greater sense of security.


Your car is both very important to your daily life and a large financial investment. There are many dangers and risks when it comes to owning and operating a car. But with that in mind, you can rest assured of many practices that you can do to maintain your car’s security and ensure your own safety and well being as well.