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Hollywood Actress Denise Richards Shares Photos Of Daughter Lola

by Nebojša Vujinović

Famous Hollywood actress Denise Richards, 49, has shared a photo of her clone daughter Lola Rose Sheen, 15, celebrating her growing up.

Richards had her daughter with fellow actor Charlie Sheen, 54. The pair was married between 2002 and 2006, and they have one more daughter together, Sam Sheen, 16.

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On her Instagram page, Denise shared a series of photos commenting on how her daughter is all grown up. Fans immediately noticed how similar she looks to her famous mother. The older Lola gets, the more she resembles Denise and we are sure both of them could not be happier because of it.

The post contains three photos of Lola, and in the caption, Richards wrote how proud she is of her. The teen has just turned 15 years old a week ago. Her mother’s post gained more than 81,000 likes and 2,200 comments. Denise has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

Last week, Lola has reached a milestone when she graduated 8th grade. Considering the situation in the world following the pandemic, most school-related things are now online. Graduations are no different, so Lola had hers over Zoom. She wore a white graduation gown and a matching cap, and looked gorgeous for the occasion.

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Except Lola and Sam, Richards has one more daughter. She adopted Eloise Joni Richards as a single mother back in 2011. Her husband Aaron Phypers is planning to legally adopt her too. Aaron and Denise married one another in 2018.

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