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Meghan and Harry Feared Their Child Would be Bullied

by Nebojša Vujinović

Say what you want but being a Royal is not easy by no means. Being a mother is even harder. Today we’re going to speak about the fear that Duke and Duchess of Sussex had for their son Archie.

If they continued as Royals, Archie would have been the earl of Dumbarton. Because of this title, Harry and Meghan feared that their son would be bullied in school. They referred to the “dumb” jokes that would come to their son in abundance, according to the former Royal couple.

This is the principal reason why Markle and her husband rejected this title for their son Archie since the start. The fear that their firstborn is going to be an object of a dumb joke was too big for them. It would seem that Meghan and Harry would take it too close to their hearts to have their son teased this way.

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The pair was adamant in their decision, so they named their son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor and avoided the title from the beginning. Queen Elizabeth wanted for her grand grandchild to have this title, but pair, as they’re y now used to, avoided Queen and her wishes.

One source close to the couple, and the Royal family stated: “They didn’t like the idea of Archie being called the Earl of Dumbarton because it began with the word ‘dumb’ [and] they were worried about how that might look. It wasn’t just Meghan who pointed out the potential pitfalls, it also bothered Harry.” While we understand their reasoning, we must say that it is childish, and has little to do with what would happen during Archie’s childhood.

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Of course, this decision already had its drawbacks. For one, while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex probably prevented their son from being teased by his peers, they’re getting scuffed. It is easy to joke with this decision, as it is not very well and thoroughly thought about. The Duke and the Duchess are those being laughed at right now, as hosts of the Today show laughed at them during the news. Nick Robinson, one of the hosts, even called them dumb and dumber.

This is one of many admission the pair had during their interview with Oprah Winfrey. While they think they did fair to their son with this decision, we’re sure this interview will haunt them, and he’s still going to be called dumb, by even dumber parents. This is not our opinion, but the internet is a harsh place, and you could say we’re already predicting the future. As of today Meghan and Harry are already being compared to the characters from Jim Carey’s 1994 cult movie. Some are even suggesting a new title for Archie – the Earl of Wokingham.

Sue Sutton-Smythe chimed in by saying: “What an insult to Dumbarton.” People are eager to share and show to Harry the vast history of Dumbarton and its earldom which dates back to March of 1675. As of now, Archie remains without any titles thanks to his parents. Meghan and Harry brought the subject out during the Oprah Winfrey interview, where she suggested that Archie should have been a prince. It is something that bothers Meghan more, as one senior member of the Royal family brought the question of Archie’s skin color and the title he should hold.

As always, Meghan has Harry’s support, and he is certain that he wants his children to grow without holding any titles.