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LeBron James on Court Fights and Scrimmages Through His Career

by Nebojša Vujinović

LeBron James has been around for a while. Like you could guess he had some nice moments through his career, but there were those where he didn’t show himself under the spotlight. Of course, after 18 years in the NBA some situations would bring out the worst from any of us and King James is no exception.

Only a few days ago, James has had a dirty scuffle with Isaiah Stewart of Detroit Pistons. It was an ugly sight. You probably know that James started it all but Stewart gave his best to end it. The Pistons big name was running around the court fighting the Los Angeles Lakers team, his teammates, and members of security. His face was covered in blood and he was an angry man. It all ender there, at least for now. This is a more recent example of how LeBron can enter into a duel, and below you have some of his earlier rivalries.

LeBron James vs Enes Kanter

This is an unlikely rivalry from the basketball point of view. But these two have been battling around different matters. The latest scrimmage was regarding China and Nike, where James responded to Kanter after being called out on matters regarding slave labor in China. It all probably started in 2017 when two men went head to head like rams after LeBron was showed by Frank Ntilikina.

LeBron James vs Mirza Teletovic

One could guess that King James has a thing or two against European players. Back in his Heat day, James was seen more like a villain than a hero due to his transfer from Cleveland to Miami. Teletovic started this duel after he was not prepared to allow any easy points to James. At one point he grabbed LeBron by his shoulders to stop his layup, which is a norm of defending in Europe but not in the NBA. You already know that the two men had an argument. LeBron was angry while Mirza was laughing at the matter.

LeBron James vs Nazr Mohammed

The list keeps on having new inductees. Also, in his days as a Miami Heat payer, one of the greatest players of his generation had a go at Nazr Mohammed. Nazr fouled King James, a little bit overboard start, and James immediately grabbed him by the hands and pushed away. This move caused the Bulls player to fall over. Nazr was quick to stand up and pushed James back before their teammates separated them.

LeBron James vs Patrick Beverley

There’s a size difference here, but Pat isn’t the one to back away from a challenge. After a scuffle that happened under the basket, the two men had an altercation. Beverley charged at James, and soon enough they were on the ground, with their hands locked up. This was back in 2015 when the Akron native had his second stint with the Cavaliers. In a few years’ time, the two would go against each other more frequently in Lakers vs Clipper’s duels.

LeBron James vs James Harden

No, we are not talking about a coring duel or their fight for the MVP of the league. This fight was all about a rebound. After the ball found itself in the air, both men grabbed it, and the duel started to heat up. Neither man was prepared to let go, and the battle of rebounds continued on the ground. In the mess that ensued, Harden hit James in the groin. It did not make King James happy.

LeBron James vs Draymond Green

This was the most-talked-about story in the NBA for a while. Considering how hard Cavaliers dueled the Warriors, it was no surprise that James and green get a go at it. The two men have a good relationship right now, but during the final series, they played there was little love between the two teams and especially these two players. There was a four-year stretch where the NBA finals were the duel between Warriors and Cavaliers. During an action that included a screen motion on Green’s part the Warriors power forward ended on the ground, and James tried to walk all over him in an Allen Iverson manner. It was not something that could go easily with Draymond. This game had Green suspended, and despite being 3-1 up in the finals, the Warriors lost in what’s the biggest upset in NBA’s history.