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Top 10 Movie & TV Reboots That Will Make You Relive Your Youth

by Nebojša Vujinović

Maybe it’s not always nice to be reminded how old are you, but when it comes to TV and movie reboots I simply don’t mind it all that much. Some of the shows in the 80s and 90s were brilliant, and watching them from time to time certainly brings the nostalgia of the old days. While some things of old are better left untouched, I for one look forward to every reboot despite the fact I might get disappointed. Having a favorite TV show or a movie rebooted is like time travel. It gets you back in time while you watch a completely new project. Reboots are trendy right now, and here we’re going to introduce you to the best ones that are incoming in the imminent future or are already on air.

The Baby-Sitters Club

This piece is available on Netflix. It is based on prominent book series, and the first edition came in the form of a 90s TV show and a movie that came out in 1995. The new one is a bit updated but still worth the watch.

He’s All That

It will be hard to undo Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook but Netflix gave it a go. This movie was a big deal in 1999 and it stood to the test of time. The leading role in this one is Addison Rae which is familiar to the new generations through TikTok. Unlike the old one, this one is fully adapted to the latest trends such as being an influencer.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Amazing idea by people in Amazon who came up with a plan to make an I Know What You Did Last Summer series. The series storyline stays loyal to the plot of the popular horror film, and with more episodes on the horizon, it will be a lengthier watch.

Saved by the Bell

Well, now I do feel old. This flick was massive back in the day, and it’s nice to see that this show still lives today. Saved by the Bell was even renewed for a second season, and if it does well, we could see even more. The new cast is not bad, but we’re really into it because of the old actor’s cameos. Time travel and nostalgia are at their best.

The Wonder Years

This show follows an established storyline but it is adapted to the society we live in and today’s norms. Instead of an all-white cast, the new series follows an Afro-American family in the late 60s. For all of you that loved this TV show, you’ll be glad to hear that Fred Savage is behind the idea.

The Craft: Legacy

This reboot is based on a 1996 movie that was titled The Craft. The upcoming reboot will be titled The Craft: Legacy and will follow a similar storyline revolving around teenage girls that form a witch coven. For those in love with the first film, this one should be seen more as a sequel, as it continues the story where the 1996 edition stopped.

Little Women

This piece has been around for decades now with the first edition being filmed in 1949 and it starred Elizabeth Taylor and Janet Leigh. The next one came in 1994 and it featured Winona Ryder and Christian Bale. The latest edition came in 2019 and it was carried by a group of young stars such as Timothée Chalamet, Florence Pugh, and Emma Watson.

Men in Black: International

This one is set up in a well-known universe with one massive difference. It is the first motion picture in this franchise that isn’t featuring Will Smith. The first story dates back to 1997, and each movie was a massive success. This one wasn’t received all that well despite featuring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. Nonetheless, it is a must-see TV as it follows the story from where Smith left.

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers

The first The Mighty Ducks film had Emilio Estevez in the role of the coach of this hockey film. You’ll be glad he returned for the reboot making this movie an instant classic. It also stars Lauren Graham who plays the mother of one of the boys in the team.

First Wives Club

This is another piece adapted to today’s norms, as it stars three Afro-American ladies in the leading roles. It is based on the 1996 film, but this time around we have a show on our hands. The actors that make this piece highly watchable are Ryan Michelle Bathe, Jill Scott, and Michelle Buteau. It is about three good friends that got together after their marriages hit a dead end. You’ll be glad to hear it already has three seasons.