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9 Movies You Can Watch On Netflix When You Are Stuck At Home

by Tracy Finke

Are you staying at home? Sure, you could try to persuade yourself that you will use that time to finish those cleaning jobs you have been putting off or learn a brand new skill, but let us face it; the fact is that you will just sit on the sofa, munch, and watch something hopefully entertaining. I am not passing judgments; I am actually doing the same thing right now.

So, to help make your nights as memorable as possible here’s a list of 9 amazing movies now available on Netflix, ranging from awesome action flicks to cool choices for kids to stellar sports stories and Will Ferrell singing to celebrate the lovely country of Iceland.

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So don’t feel disheartened and just subscribe to the plans offered by this provider by clicking on this link. However, if you want to try something new and thus want to explore the streaming world, then go ahead and stream away the movies listed below:

1. 21 Bridges

Source: variety.com

Chadwick Boseman plays the role of a detective who shuts down the town to discover who killed the cops, which is also one of his most underappreciated. The result is a tense, old-school cop thriller worth crossing.

2. Inception

Instead of stressing out your head, let Christopher Nolan’s overwhelming action heist film about fancy professional thieves entrusted with infiltrating a person’s mind shatter your mind. BWAAAAM!

3. Edge of Seventeen

Source: mubi.com

You missed this wonderful coming-of-age dramedy about Nadine, a high school student dealing with being ostracised and losing her best buddy when she finds her dating Nadine’s jock brother, based on the box office. You should change that because it is one of the best films of 2016, both amusing and heartfelt.

4. Saving Private Ryan

If you enjoy war films, you are familiar with Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. During World War II, the film is set during the Normandy Invasion. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director and is one of the highest-grossing films. It boasts a great cast and is one of the most popular war films.

The film “Platoon” depicts war in a historically accurate manner. The first African-American regiment in the US Army is the subject of this military film, which is based on historical events. Three Academy Awards were given to a picture that won the Best Picture Oscar. It was a box office hit, and it was put on Netflix a few years later.

5. Saladin

Source: netflix.com

If you are tired of the same old war flicks, Netflix has a few suggestions. Saladin is among them. Saladin, Egypt’s and Syria’s first monarch, waged a military battle against invading Christians during the Third Crusade. The movie is not very groundbreaking, but it does have significant historical significance.

Despite certain historical mistakes, the film has a high production value and decent special effects. Despite its faults, this video sends a powerful message about the misery of Arabs and the role of Islamic extremism. It is an absolute must-see for war movie aficionados in this sense.

6. Hairspray

Looking for a rush of vibrant happiness and optimism? Yeah, we thought so too these days – and happily, Netflix has just picked up this star-studded, delightfully peppy movie musical adaption about a perky Baltimore kid who uses her contagious love of dancing to promote change and inclusivity to the neighborhood variety hour dance show.

7. Marriage Story

Source: filmloverss.com

This film will change the way you think about life. The film begins with a couple explaining how they fell in love, which is a quite traumatic affair. The factors that influenced their decision to marry. Their marriage, however, does not last long and ends in divorce. Any relationship, it is implied, requires two aspects for wholeness and happiness: understanding and love.

The absence of either of these causes a major disruption in the future, and the couple in the film is no exception. They recognize that their future together is uncertain, therefore they decide to divorce. With a lot of pain on their shoulders, the woman decides to relocate to Los Angeles in order to pursue a healthier opportunity, while the male chooses to remain in New York.

8. El Camino

Breaking Bad has proven to be one of the most exciting seasons for today’s generation, with a great amount of viewing time. Walter White has struggled to assist some drug dealers with the help of his associate, putting him in grave danger and forcing him into hiding.

9. The Platform

Source: indiewire.com

For fans of thrills and puzzles, this film is a must-see. The story begins with a person waking up in a cubic chamber, where a much older leading character accompanies him. The elderly man appears for a brief moment and instructs the individual on how to deal with life in the room, where to locate food, and how to make things work.

The movie is full of mystery and suspense, such as where people imprisoned on different levels of the platform acquire their food and how they get things done. Several questions arise in your head, such as who owns the mystery platform and what will be inscribed in the old man’s fate.

Final words

It is never too late to try something new. Especially for movies and television shows! Grab some munchies and start watching these amazing recommendations full of fun and amusement. These shows will be worth watching because they cover all genres.