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Sia’s Beautiful Holiday Gesture Amazed Everyone at Walmart

by Tracy Finke

Famous singer and songwriter Sia went into the Walmart supermarket in Palm Springs a day before Thanksgiving and paid everyone’s bills. At first, no one knew that a world-famous singer paid for their groceries.

The video on social media, in which one woman at the Walmart supermarket paid all the customers’ bills, thrilled everyone. People at the supermarket didn’t recognize the 43-year-old star since her identity is hidden under the wigs that cover her whole face.

While she was still an anonymous woman at the store, she said to everyone that she is paying everyone’s items because she won the lottery. Everyone was amazed and asked to be photographed with her, even though they did not immediately recognize her.

“I’m Cici,” she introduced herself.

Everyone wondered why she was doing it, and Sia replied that she wanted to make everyone an upcoming holiday more wonderful. A girl filmed everything and posted it on her Instagram profile.

The woman was chatting with all the customers when she received flowers from one lady in gratitude. Customers did not realize that they are talking with Sia, who hides her face in public performances.

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“So, Sia paid my groceries today, and thank you so much! The heart and beautiful soul you have for paying for everyone! I’m sorry for telling everyone once I realized who you were! But kindness must be acknowledged!”, Adri Buckles wrote on Instagram.

Image source: Instagram

Still, some fans recognized the singer, so they took a picture with her immediately.