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Meghan Markle Plans To Have A “Home Birth“ With Her Second Baby

by Nebojša Vujinović

Meghan Markle’s due date is very near and many are wondering will she fulfill her long-time wish to give birth at home, or will she go to the hospital.

When their son Archie was born in May 2019, the plan was to give birth at home, but since the birth started a week after the due date, the doctors advised her to go to the hospital anyway. This would not be odd for the Royal family as Queen Elizabeth gave birth at home, yet modern Royals prefer to give birth at the hospital.


Markle and Prince Harry, bought a $ 14.5 million property in Montecito last year when they moved to California, so many people think this is where Meghan would probably give birth to their baby girl. The couple didn’t give the exact due date, but it is expected that the Duchess gives birth to their second child at the beginning of the summer. Their daughter will be the first child from the Royal family to be born in America.

They discovered the baby’s gender during the couple’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which they explained in detail the reasons for leaving the royal life. Even though the Royal family never reveals the baby’s gender before it was born, Harry and Meghan couldn’t hide the excitement.

“She’s a girl and what more could you want? Now we have our family. There are four of us and we have two dogs, and that’s great,” Harry said.

source: i.insider.com

Throughout the interview, they made several serious accusations against the royal family, including those for racism.

They also talked about the presence of the media in their lives, which reported on every step they took, as well as criticism of Megan’s behavior, and that in a way led her to think about suicide. Meghan’s fragile mental health when she was pregnant with Archie, brought up the decision to move to the US and raise their children in a less stressful situation.

Markle admitted that she had no idea what marrying a Royal would bring to her life, but she definitely didn’t expect so much negativity.

“There was no way to understand how it would go day after day,” she said.

“What has been inconvenient in recent years is that perception and reality are two completely different things. They evaluate you and judge you according to what they perceive, and you live reality,” the Duchess pointed out.