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Meghan Markle Looks Stunning During Her UK Return

by Elsa Stringer

Following the controversial Megxit when Meghan Markle, 39, and her husband Prince Harry, 35, left Britain and all things Royal, the pair came back to the United Kingdom for a formal event.


All eyes and cameras were pointed at them, and the fans and media could not get enough of the pair who really seemed to enjoy their time back in England.

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Meghan was all smiles, while wearing a light blue Victoria Beckham dress and holding her dear husband by his arm. Harry dressed formally as well, in a navy blue suit, white shirt, and blue tie.


Around 50 people greeted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, in front of the building where the glamorous event took place. However, there were some people booing and whistling as the pair walked from their car into the building.


“It is good to be back,” said Meghan during her interview. This is the couple’s first public appearance together after leaving the family. From March 31, they will no longer have any Royal duties, since they are going to officially leave the family.

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