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5 Creative Coffee Packaging Design Ideas To Try In 2024

by William Gist

After water, coffee is the second favorite drink in the world – and one of the most traded products in history. About 400 billion cups of coffee are drunk annually. According to some research, students are the population that drinks the most coffee. Many cannot start the day without this magical beverage.

However, did you know that packaging design is the main reason why we choose a particular coffee brand? That’s why we’re going to tell you more about packaging and point out 5 creative coffee packaging design ideas to try in 2024.

Coffee – Everybody’s Favorite Drink

Coffee seems to be almost everybody’s favorite drink. It is great when you are alone, with friends or family. To wake up or keep you awake when needed. You know that famous question “How do you drink your coffee”? We mostly know how to answer that. However, if someone asked you what kind of coffee do you drink – then you would probably have to think for a while. In today’s consumer society, there has been an overproduction of certain products – including coffee. Therefore, the issue of coffee packaging is actually much more important than we thought.

Coffee Packaging Design Is A Demanding Job

Source: formastation.com

Packaging design is one of the most demanding and important parts of the process before the coffee gets to consumers. That’s why large companies are constantly looking for professionals – who know how to design authentic, original, and innovative packages. Clarity and simplicity are a priority when it comes to this job. However, many manufacturers don’t stick to it. Therefore, next time you visit a supermarket – stand in front of the coffee shelf, and look at the products in front of you. You will find a large number of products without a clear name, brand. You’ll see some of them look great on the outside – but you have no idea what’s inside the package. The inability to identify a product and its content or a brand – is a bad practice both for the company whose product is on the shelf and for the designer.

Creative Coffee Packaging Designs

Speaking about the packaging design – there is a question of the type of coffee itself. Is it coffee beans, ground or instant coffee, espresso, in capsules, etc.? All these parameters affect the design of the packaging. Therefore, it is always a big challenge for designers. They must clearly present the product, choose the material, coordinate the colors – and choose the appropriate form of packaging. You’ll admit, it’s not that simple. Today, the packaging is considered to sell a product. There is truth in that claim. Therefore, we will introduce you to 5 creative coffee packaging design ideas to try in 2024.

1. Paper Coffee Packaging

Source: designandpaper.com

It is rarely used today because it is quite sensitive to transport. Environmentally conscious companies strive to ensure that their activities protect not only nature and the human environment – but also people. However, this kind of packaging is in some sense still considered insufficiently attractive to customers. Therefore, you will rarely find it on supermarket shelves. You will probably find this kind of packaging in small private coffee shops – that deal with their own design. Therefore, they are not strong enough competition in the market. However, even in this case, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be creative – and put effort into attractive packaging. Remember: If you have a quality product – with good packaging you will definitely achieve better sales. A little advertising, a good recommendation, interesting packaging – and you are already well on your way to becoming a bigger player from retail.

2. Capsule System

This type of packaging is extremely popular. The only disadvantage of this packaging is that each machine uses capsules specially designed for it. Therefore, when you buy a machine – you must also think about the capsules that will necessarily and exclusively go with it. Roasted coffee is ground and packed in capsules. When placed in the machine, the system drills the capsule – and hot water under pressure performs the extraction. According to woopacking which have coffee k cup filling machines, the capsules are usually made of plastic or aluminum and then sealed – so that the taste of freshly ground coffee remains protected and fresh for at least a year. Most manufacturers offer different types of coffee, and even tea, hot chocolate, or other beverages in their capsules. The capsules themselves also have attractive colors and designs.

3. Coffee In A Can

Source: bustle.com

Companies that strive to be environmentally conscious are turning to design and materials that can be recycled. That’s how the idea of selling ready-made coffee in a can came about. Convenient packaging, easy to carry in a bag or backpack – allows you to consume your drink anytime and anywhere. On the other hand, the possibility of unlimited recycling shows the social responsibility of such companies – and affects the environmental awareness of customers.

4. Coffee In A Box

Regardless of whether it is a cardboard or aluminum box – this type of packaging is extremely popular. Of course, when it comes to boxes – there are a handful of ideas. For example, filter coffee boxes with compartments containing bags, in different shapes, sizes, and colors – will always be attractive to the eyes of potential consumers. Remember that the average consumer usually makes their purchase decision based on the visual identity of the product in just four seconds. On the other hand, there are aluminum boxes that are environmentally friendly, recyclable – and they can be used for some other purposes. So, when you consume coffee – you are left with a nice aluminum box that you can continue to use.

5. Tetra Top Coffee Packaging

Source: packagingoftheworld.com

Tetra Top packaging is mostly made of natural materials from renewable sources. It can be completely recycled and it’s suitable for transport and storage. At the same time, it is ensuring the functionality and freshness of the coffee. When it comes to design, it can be very attractive. This packaging can be made in different shapes and sizes. That is quite practical for today’s fast pace of life – because you can carry it with you. Today, the use of such packaging is increasingly present – especially in developed markets and large companies. With its attractive and innovative design – this packaging is ideal for consumption on the go. It opens and closes easily – and allows brands to stand out even more.