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Donald Trump Wants To Put Joe Biden In a Nursing Home

by Sinisav

ECONOTIMES – 03/08/2020: Donald Trump loves talking about others in a negative demeanor. He often projects himself onto others without even realizing it. This time he tried to insult Joe Biden with the same thing that can be said of him.

In recent weeks, as Democrat primaries are coming to a close, he attacked all of their candidates. Mike Bloomberg, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden were all under barrage fire from POTUS. During a speech at the CPAC, Mr. Trump talked about all four of them.

Donald Trump

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The first target, as usual, was Mike Bloomberg, or how Mr. President loves to call him, Mini Mike and what Senator Warren said to him: “She was really mean to mini Mike, I’ll tell you — the way she treated him. He didn’t know what hit him! He’s going oh, get me off of this stage.”

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The next in line was Joe Biden, who will most likely be the Democrat nominee. Donald Trump said that he’s not sure how Biden intends to lead the country. The reason was, as President Trump put it, the fact that Biden is closer to a nursing home than to the Oval Office. The difference between the two men is only three years. But, they are both quite old, standing at 74 (Trump), and 77 (Biden).

Netizens believe that what Trump said about Joe Biden could also be said of him. Age is catching up to Trump, and it’s becoming more evident that there’s a chance that Mr. President is suffering from some kind of cognitive impairment. It’s also possible that Trump is jealous of Biden, who looks more vital than him.

It’s not easy being Donald Trump these days. The Democrats are gathering support before the November elections while his campaign is stalling because of coronavirus. Trump is finding it hard to deal with all of this, but in a case he losses the elections, it will be the end of the world for him. It’s not hard to believe this as he’s still not over Greta Thunberg winning Times person of the year over him.

Source: econotimes.com