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Meghan Markle Has Suffered From Depression

by Elsa Stringer

Duchess of Sussex and the wife of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, 38, has suffered from panic attacks and depression, says one of her close friends. She has never made these issues public and tried to always remain positive and happy.


By marrying into the Royal family, she had to accept numerous rules and duties that her new title comes with. The new environment, people, and customs woke up some uneasy and unpleasant feelings inside of her, which in turn brought stress and hardships that she no longer experiences.

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Since her she and her husband removed themselves from this life and decided to live independently in Canada, USA, and UK, she is a new person.


In her documentary that came after her African tour, she spoke about everything that bothered her during the last three years, since the moment she became a member of the Royal family. The accumulated stress due to the immense media pressure and the constant feeling of being judged took its toll. Now, with her husband Harry and son Archie, she is finally living the life she has always dreamt about.


“I had no idea with how much stress I will meet. When I fell in love with Harry, my American friends were happy for me, but those from Great Britain told me that the tabloids were going to destroy my life and that it was not a smart decision. It is hard. Not a lot of people asked me how I was. I am not so good. It is hard to be in the focus of the media as a young mother,” said Meghan back then.


The new family started their new life close to Vancouver, Canada, and both Meghan and Harry left behind all of their Royal duties and became financially independent. “I always say it is not enough to survive, you must also live and shine,” she said in the same documentary. She added that the joint decision came in order for her future to be less stressful, among other things.

Her American friends shed some light on her Royal life, saying she felt depressed and panic attacks because of the unbearable pressure. She had many sleepless nights because she worried about her future if something does not change soon.


“Since she is in Canada, she is shining with energy and happiness. She does not feel any stress and her and Harry are both enjoying their life here. Everything is a lot more peaceful and more natural for raising a child. As spouses they can fully devote themselves to each other, and to Archie,” said a source close to Markle.