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The Most Famous Bond Girl Maud Adams Looks Fantastic at 75

by Tracy Finke

Maud Adams is 75 today, and the actress is the only Bond girl that appeared in three films in the James Bond franchise. She was Bond’s girlfriend in “The Man with the Golden Gun,” “Octopussy,” and ” A View to a Kill,” starring Roger Moore as James Bond at the time.

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Photographers caught her this week as she was walking her dog in Beverly Hills, which is one of her few public appearances. Adams showed how she looked like years after the famous movies and went for a walk in a completely casual edition. She wore wide pants, a jacket, and slippers.

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The Swedish-born actress still looks great today despite her age, and many fans have pointed out that her beauty is not fading.

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Maud said in numerous interviews that she had moved from Sweden to Paris, after which she arrived in New York and later to Los Angeles seeking a career.

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She has been married to Charles Rubin since 1999, and this is her second marriage. She married photographer Roy Adams in 1966, and the marriage lasted until 1975.