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Lewis Hamilton is Negotiating Over a New Contact in Formula 1

by Elsa Stringer

One of the most popular F1 drivers in history, Lewis Hamilton, has a plan to continue with his racing career by signing a new contract. Also, we expect that he will again sign the contract with Mercedes. He already has a contract with them, that will expire at the end of 2024.

In his interview a week before a Grand Prix competition in Brazil, Hamilton was speaking about the future of Formula 1, and his own. What he says is that it is natural for someone to do what is best for him, even if it means that would require some changes, but that speech was about Toto Wolff, the chief of the Mercedes team in F1.


Furthermore, Lewis says that Toto is the right person for his position in the team and that he wouldn`t like for him to leave. But on the other side, he will respect his choice. He also adds that each person in the team is very important, and they are taking part in the credit for his success.

When it comes to Hamilton’s new contract, he was a bit mysterious. He says that it can be stressful when you have to think about the new contract a long time before even you finish the existing one. Also, he was speaking about how he needs more time to think over signing it, but that things will come in the place when it is time.

Toto Wolff


The interesting fact about Toto Wolff is that the race in Brazil will be the first one that he will miss since he became the boss of the Mercedes team back in 2013. Hamilton’s message to him was the gesture of appreciation, where he is thanking Wolf for creating a great and successful team.

When Lewis was speaking about the future of his team without Toto, he says that nothing particularly won`t change, just that Wolff will be missing on the pit wall, and also some of his instructions. But, he and his team have their focus which will not change with Toto`s departure.

All members of the Mercedes team, including Lewis himself, are now preparing for the two finishing races of this season in Brazil and Abu Dhabi. Their main focus is on the Ferrari team as their biggest rival, and the possibility to be ahead of them.


There are also some issues with the rules in the competition concerning the legality of hybrid systems in bolides. Allegedly, other teams accused Ferrari of breaking some rules with adding the lubricants in oil, which have a side-effect of increasing more power.

Also, the Ferrari got a penalty in the United States F1, which got them in the position to start at the 10th place in Brazil. The reason for that is they have implemented a new engine in their vehicles without a proper specification. Other teams accused them of breaking, and bypassing rules. The most popular Ferrari F1 driver, Sebastian Vettel, says that his team didn`t understand some of the rules completely, but he was also defending them and himself of false accusations.