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Kelly Clarkson’s Ex Won’t Be Riding Any More On MT Ranch

by Mary McFarren

A couple of months ago Kelly Clarkson filed a court motion to oust her ex-husband from the Montana ranch that she purchased in 2019. Recently, the judge ruled in Kelly’s favor ordering her ex-husband to leave the premises. However, Brandon Blackstock seems to be out of the loop with the news.

The nasty divorce proceedings started in June of 2024 when Kelly filed court papers claiming “irreconcilable differences”. Since then, Clarkson’s team has been trying to save Kelly’s assets from the 43-year old up-and-coming farmer.

Blackstock’s idea of becoming a full-time farmer relies on the fact that he’ll be able to keep the Vintage Valley Ranch in Montana. His basis was that the ranch was purchased while he and Kelly were still married, hence it should be considered a “marital property”. Still, the judge disagreed and decided to uphold their prenup making Kelly the sole owner.

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Just yesterday, Brandon posted a video of himself riding a horse while herding the cattle. In the meantime, in California, the pop star is trying to figure out a way to kick him out of her house that she paid $10 million for. The house itself is a pricey property to maintain, requiring over $80,000 per month just to keep it going.

Source: US Weekly

So, where did Brandon get the money from? Well, from spousal support, of course. Clarkson was ordered to pay $150,000 per month for spousal support, plus $45,000 for child support to the unwanted squander so that he can continue to obstruct the court ruling by still living at the premises. Go figure.

On Brandon’s side, he will be responsible for paying for the house upkeep. However, even with the all free money he receives from Clarkson, Blackstock failed to make home payments for the last six months.

Child custody battle

Besides the complications about their former family home, the estranged couple has yet to resolve the problem of children custody. Kelly and Brandon share two kids – daughter River Rose, 6, and son Remington Alexander, 4. For now, the kids reside with their mom in California and she is their primary caretaker.

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On the other side, there’s a broke Brandon who is asking for shared custody of the kids. If he succeeds, River and Remington will spend Christmas with their dad, and New Year’s with their mother. For now, since they live in different states, Brandon is allowed to have daily video calls with his children.

Kelly is ready to date again

Blackstock has two more children, daughter Savannah, 19, and son Seth, 15, from his previous marriage with Melissa Ashworth. The couple wed in 2001 and divorced eleven years later. Only one year after leaving Melissa, Brandon dropped on his knees proposing to Kelly. During their marriage, the 39-year old pop singer was the sole breadwinner in the house. In court papers, Kelly claimed that Brandon, who is the former tour manager, “stopped contributing towards the ongoing expenses” two years before she purchased the Montana ranch in 2019.

Source: Hello Magazine

As of August 2024, Kelly is officially single and back into the dating pool. Regardless of the nasty divorce, the sources close to the songstress say that this time around “She wants a younger, up-and-coming country singer who understands the business”.