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Jeff Bezos is Onto Something New, And His Instagram Shows It

by Nebojša Vujinović

Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder, and one of the two richest men in the world has a new thing going on for him. With the amount of his wealth, he can do anything he likes. One of his next endeavors could be something interesting. We say this because the billionaire recently shared a photo with one Dwayne The Rock Johnson on Instagram. This pic hides a story, a tale, a new exciting project.

As you maybe noticed, Bezos increased his Instagram activity in recent weeks. In a few of his latest posts, he shared a memento to his father, a picture about his space travel, and one of the more recent ones includes the Hobbs&Shaw actor. The two men posed for the photo next to the seashore and intrigued us with an upcoming project. The world’s richest person decided to enter the world of movies, and he started by buying MGM Studios.

Source: news.yahoo.com

This photo was meant to signal that Amazon purchased the MGM studios and that a new life starts for Amazon Studios. He wants to dedicate more of his time to his streaming platform, and thus he left the Amazon throne, remaining only the biggest shareholder and executive president of the company. The chief executive is now Andy Jassy who is a longtime friend and associate of Bezos.

At the moment Bezos is everywhere as his hellish plans include not only the movie industry but also space travel, electric vehicles, and art. The goal is obviously to parry one Elon Musk, who also has space colonization plans, an electric vehicles company, Tesla, and is venturing into other fields. Right now, the Amazon founder is behind a pickup startup company named Rivian.

Source: instagram.com

The Rock also shared his excitement for the new project on his Instagram. The Rampage actor captioned the photo of himself and Bezos with the following words: “One of us graduated Summa Cum Laude from Princeton and the other once asked his criminal law professor if he could “slip me a few answers” so he could guarantee an A on his midterm exam. Exciting week coming up as our @amazonstudios & @sevenbucksprod come together for a big announcement to deliver fun to families around the world.”

Dwayne loves to keep his fans in the loop on all of his actions, and this time was no different. To make things even clearer, he added:” Shared passions and always putting in the hard work with our own two hands. I look forward to this one, brother. Teremana is on the way! And when I rock my Amazon shirt for our meetings to talk shop it sorta makes us twinning.”

As you can see, when you have billions everything is possible. We’re sure that Bezos will try to make the best movies and TV shows possible. With the help of the box office king, Johnson, things are going to be much easier than anticipated. While we wait for their first project, Jeff isn’t sitting idle but is making people’s dreams come true.

If you haven’t heard the man who invested billions in his Blue Origin space company will carry an 82-year old into space. The story is about a woman who was denied the dream of being a pilot. Now, she’s going into outer space. Good guy Jeff.