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What Happened to Jack Nicholson and Why Did He Disappear

by Nebojša Vujinović

Jack Nicholson is a rare breed. He’s one of the most famous Hollywood actors, with little to no stains in his career. He’s well-received wherever he goes, but in the last few months, he disappeared from the radar. Now, he decided to reappear once again, and he choose one of his favorite venues, the Staples Center. Yes, just like in the old days he was there for Los Angeles Lakers game, in what’s his first public appearance in the last few months.

It is easy to tell why he was there; it is after all the first game of the 2024/2024 NBA season. Not an event anyone, and of course Jack Nicholson would like to miss if they have a chance to attend. Tuesday, October 19th will be remembered as the date when the Departed actor was seen in public for the first time in months.

It is interesting to know, that it was almost a full year since he last attended the Lakers game. The actor arrived in a black SUV, dressed in pair of black trousers, a brown Lacoste polo shirt, and a black jacket. The fans immediately spotted him, and in a matter of moments, he was surrounded by people wanting to take a photo and get an autograph. The 84-year old star was not surprised by the reception.

Source: pagesix.com

Once he managed to enter the arena, he went straight to the seats that are always reserved for him. Like most fans, he strictly abides by the COVID-19 rules and wore a mask. Unfortunately for everyone present at Staples Center, the Lakers lost the opening game of the new NBA season. The best out of their game was the Golden States Warriors who won by a small margin but won nonetheless, 124-114. Despite the defeat, Jack was a loyal fan and cheered the purple-gold through the entire match.

If you believe that Nicholson was the only star present at the first Laker’s game in the 2024/2024 season, you’d be wrong. Other famous people who attended the game include Rich Paul, the NBA’s most powerful agent, and musicians Justin Bieber, Adele, and Usher. Before Tuesday, The Shining actor was last at Staples Center in January of 2024, when he attended a Lakers game with his son Ray.

The reason why he wasn’t seen anywhere for so long is a peculiar one. According to information Radar collected, as claimed by Jack’s friends, he started suffering from dementia. One source even claimed that he no longer even leaves his house. The source also added that he is taken care of by his son and daughter. The same source also claims that he’s not feeling well mentally: “Physically he is fine, but his mind is gone. It’s really sad to see such a super talented actor, like Jack, go out this way.”

Source: people.com

The actor has been out of the movie industry for over a decade, with his last appearance coming in 2010’s rom-com How Do You Know. In 2018, he officially retired, with the reason being his condition was close to dementia. The insider who spilled the beans said: “Jack has memory issues and can no longer remember the lines being asked of him.”The same source who made all these claims also added, that while Nicholson won’t be acting anymore, he will continue to lead a public life.

While he came back, the last few months were different for him. It was reported that he spent most of his time in his Beverly Hills mansion which offers plenty of luxury with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. While the reports that he was suffering from some type of dementia might be true but also exaggerated, we can firmly say that the coronavirus pandemic played a role too. Luckily, Jack is now back, as his Lakers are trying to mount another title challenge.