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Dramatic Celebrity Weight Loss Stories

by Mary McFarren

Some of the well-known celebrities became the inspiration for their staggering weight loss. Several stars shocked us with their new physique by suddenly posting their new slimmed-down bodies. Others took us on their journey to healthier looks every step of the way through constant updates on social media. Here are some of the most shocking celebrity weight losses.


Source: SeniorsNews

Adele was a media sweetheart from the first time she stormed the music charts. A chubby girl with an angelic voice was an instant superstar. After she hit stardom, the 33-year old got married to Simon Konecki with whom she had a son Angelo in 2012. The marriage lasted until 2019, the same year when Adele started visibly losing weight. By her 32nd birthday in May of 2024, Adele has lost over 150 pounds. She showed off her new figure posting a picture on Instagram in a little black dress. Celebrities and fans alike showered her with compliments but “Rolling in the deep” singer never commented on her new looks.

Jonah Hill


Jonah Hill always struggled with his weight. It was a rollercoaster ride for a 37-year old actor with losing a few pounds and then gaining it all back. The “Django Unchained” star got serious about his looks and health in 2016 when he lost over 80 pounds. However, the actor didn’t stop there. In 2017, he lost even more thanks to the healthy diet and his newfound love for Jiu-Jitsu.

Carnie Wilson

Source: People

Carnie Wilson is remembered as the chunky girl in Wilson-Phillips trio from the 90s. She might be blessed with the largest voice range of the three, but her appearance took a center stage no matter what. In 1999, Wilson went through gastric bypass surgery that marked her weight loss journey. However, her interview with Howard Stern when she was accompanied by her husband Rob Bonfiglio that same year shook her up to the core when she was publicly body-shamed by the “The Talk” host. Stern said: “There’s something wrong here… No guy’s going to go out with a broad who looks like this”. Shaken but not devastated, Carnie continued her weight loss eventually losing over 150 pounds.

Simon Cowell

Source: Great Britain News

Simon Cowell became a dad at 55 years of age. Keeping up with a toddler became a daily struggle, so the famous music producer turned to veganism and regular exercise. He lost 20 pounds quickly so that he can be an active part of the boy’s daily routine. “So that was my biggest thing – changing my diet and everything else. I’ve got to play football with him. I’ve got to take him go-karting. So that was a much-needed push”, said Cowell about changing his life-long habits for his son Eric.

Kelly Osbourne

Source: Irish Mirror

Being one of the hosts of the “Fashion Police” while being overweight put Kelly Osbourne in the hot set. For years she was criticized for not being the best choice for the show due to her weight struggles. The 36-year old began her path to healthy looks in 2009. Her weight fluctuated for years since then, gaining and losing dozens of pounds. In March of 2024, Kelly shocked the public when she posted new pics on Instagram. Osbourne was unrecognizable. Not only that she lost 85 pounds, but her face noticeably changed. Kelly explained away a completely different facial expression with her disease TMJ – Temporomandibular joint dysfunction. After being diagnosed Kelly received injections in her jaw, which somehow, obviously made it smaller.

Action Bronson

Source: US Magazine

Action Bronson is one of the most successful weight loss stories among celebrities. At the peak of his unhealthy life, the rapper weighed 400 pounds. With the helo of the former Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, Bronson hit the gym and changed his eating habits. The grueling workouts paid off with the 37-year old losing over 130 pounds. Sabathia himself went through the transformation and completely understood what Bronson was going through. “You’re part of the catalyst to this transformation. It’s hard to take that first step. When I finally did, it was on. I haven’t looked back since”, the rapper said about his collab with the pitcher on their joined efforts to get rid of fat.

Jenna Jameson

Source: Instagram

Jenna Jameson, a former adult star became a poster child for a keto way of life. After having her third child in 2017, Jenna weighed 190 pounds. But she wasn’t taken aback, depressed, or ashamed. The then-43-year old got down to business to losing all the excess fat. She documented her journey all over social media – all of it, the good and the bad. She talked to her fans about relapsing, eating burgers, and then going back to her regime the next day. Her honesty gained her a massive amount of followers while relieving her of fat. In the end, Jenna lost more pounds than she originally planned – 85 in total.

Busta Rymes

Source: Daily Mail

Busta Rymes accomplished everything in life – a stellar career, five children, and a comfortable life. However, pushing 50 years of age brought some unwanted side effects – like rapidly gaining belly fat. The rapper was not willing to give up and hit the gym while at the same time, changing his diet. The results are amazing! He shed off 80 pounds, gained a six-pack, and looks like a new man. “DON’T EVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!! LIFE BEGINS RIGHT NOW!!!” the rapper captioned the post.

Khloe Kardashian

Source: Life&Style

Being labeled as “the fat sister” of one of the most famous families in the world was not easy for Khloe Kardashian. Still, she had her own vibe going on and didn’t pay much attention to her looks or health. Trips to the gym came as a side effect after her marriage wreck with Odom Lamar. To keep her sanity, Khloe found solace on the elliptical with headphones in her ears. Soon, her body also started getting in shape. In 2018 Khloe gave birth to her daughter True. Post-partum weight was showing off and the KUWTK star went back to her old regime. She lost 60 pounds in a matter of months and never looked back.

Ethan Suplee

Source: Country Highlights

Everyone loves Ethan Suplee. The famous actor’s weight spiraled out of control when the scale reached 55o pounds. He was married with kids but, at the time, he didn’t think that he’ll live long enough to see them graduate. Pains that came with carrying 300 pounds extra and the mobility were getting worse. Suplee tried every diet that ever existed, keto, Atkins, The Beverly Hills diet, color-blocked diets where you only eat a certain colored food. Finally, the actor turned to healthy eating making a lifelong diet plan that became his way of life. After implementing exercising, the actor looks unrecognizable.

Jessica Simpson

Source: Celebs Diaries

Jessica Simpson might hold a record when it comes to losing excess fat. The singer lost 100 pounds in six months. A mom of three says that she was addicted to weighing herself several times a day. After having a third baby, Jessica got serious about losing her post-pregnancy weight. The “Dukes of Hazzard” actress says that she dedicated herself to eating healthy, cutting on carbs, sweets, and alcohol. And also, she doesn’t have a scale in her home anymore.

Seth Rogen

Source: Radar Online

Seth Rogen charmed everyone since “Knocked Up” playing a jobless chunky, hopeless case stoner. “It’s not a mystery that if you eat healthy food and exercise you will lose weight. It will work for anyone. People know how to lose weight, they just don’t and I embrace that mentality for the most part because I’m lazy. But it’s good to know I could do it and I hope to be healthier than I was just to live longer, which is a goal of mine”. Not only that he’s not chubby anymore, but it looks like he matured a lot. The actor lost 30 pounds in only 10 weeks.

Kelly Clarkson

Source: Page Six

Kelly Clarkson is probably the most famous winner of the “American Idol”. Her career hit off, with the hit single “A moment like this”. Kelly was on top of the world, but something was weighing her down – excess weight. In the meantime, Kelly got married, gave birth to two kids, only to be blindsided by her former husband when served with the divorce papers. All that stress didn’t help, but Kelly didn’t give up. Last year she managed to lose 40 pounds in a couple of months with regular exercise and a low-carb diet. Some speculated that the singer went on gastric bypass surgery which the star vigorously denied.

Ed Sheeran

Source: Zyri

Ed Sheeran achieved a lot in his music career. But behind the stage, the singer was struggling with cigarette addiction. After quitting smoking he gained over 50 pounds. Besides snacking nonstop and living on fast food meals, Sheeran was a great beer lover. In May of 2024, the star showed off his new, healthier looks. He never disclosed how many pounds he dropped, adding that he “stopped all the bad habit stuff”.

Christina Aguilera

Source: Muscle transform

Christina Aguilera’s weight varied throughout the years. Now, at 40 years of age, the Grammy Award winner took back control over her health. The singer lost 50 pounds in about a year’s period which completely reshaped her body. She looks better than ever, and she’s not shy to show it. Flaunting her new looks Christina popped up to a SoulCycle class and stunned everyone in a white top and gray sweatpants. Aguilera said that she dropped weight the old-fashioned way – making lifelong changes in her eating habits and going to the gym six times a week. And strong will.