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Kate Middleton’s Tips And Tricks On How To Raise Children

by Nebojša Vujinović

As the world’s most famous princes and princesses, George, Charlotte, and Louis, grow up, you will see that not everything is exactly as fairy tales say – that children born in royal families sleep on silk and have fun all day long. We have the example of Prince William and Kate that they are not the ones who raise children, but that the Royal parents play a big role.

The Duchess of Cambridge often appears in public with her children, and many praise her for the way she raised her children. Kate knows how to be a strict, but also an emotional mom. He often knows how to beat them if they are not good, but also to hug them and kiss them with happiness, as we could see at the recent European Championship match.

The way Kate raises her little ones is used by many moms and the effect is great. Here are 15 tips on how to raise your children like Kate Middleton

1. Not to be lazy

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In the family of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, only one nanny helps them with the children, and only in cases where Duke and Duchess have business obligations. All duties related to feeding, bathing, and walking with children are performed by parents. The children are obliged to pick up toys when they are no longer playing, and Kate sometimes prepares their own snacks when they go on a trip. We also had the opportunity several times to see the Duchess go shopping alone.

2. Education

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Reading books is a favorite activity of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Children have their own small collection of books, and like any normal family, their parents often read them bedtime stories. Kate also often takes children to exhibitions and museums. Their favorite museum is the Natural History Museum in London, and she often knew how to point out that they adore the theme of going not only because of dinosaurs. Although they are Royals, little Cambridges have no protections at school and have the same obligations as their peers.

3. Family First

Now a grown boy, George takes care of his younger siblings. The Duchess says they have become best friends, and prefer to do things together. Although small, they already know the history of their family and often visit the grave of their grandmother, Princess Diana. Kate and William try to spend as much time as possible with their children. They are often taken on excursions, and spend a lot of time in joint activities. The elders must respect, and have already learned to whom they should curtsies.

4. Good Behavior is a must

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At Pipe Middleton’s wedding in 2017, Prince George started behaving restlessly during the celebration. To calm him down, Kate touched him lightly on the head. She even raised a finger to silence him when the ceremony began. When little Charlotte tried to be restless, Kate pointed a finger at her that she had to behave nicely and took her in her arms. Young Princes and Princesses often know how to be reprimanded for their behavior, and Kate does not hesitate to let them know that they must behave nicely.

5. But sometimes they can be naughty

The Duchess was praised for her sweet reaction when Princess Charlotte showed her tongue to her grandfather at a charity party in 2019. Kate asked Charlotte to wave to her grandfather who was in the audience, but the princess was a little shy. When her grandfather teased her, Princess Charlotte stuck out her tongue, and Kate burst out laughing like many others.

Sometimes it’s okay to let kids just be kids and to behave in a way that’s a little naughty but cute.

6. Talking with children

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No matter how good or bad the children behave, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge always point that out to their children by getting on their level. We have already said that pointing the finger is one of the main features, but all the punishments that children receive are verbal or they have to give up something they like to do. Kate usually squats while talking to her children and she is trying to explain them in a way they could understand best. Even though they are still little, Kate is talking to them like they are all grown-ups.

7. Cartoons

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Cartoons are allowed in the family. However, there is some time for that. Royal children have favorite cartoons and are always looking forward to watching new episodes. They even once met Charlotte’s favorite Cartoon character, Peppa Pig, and the young princess was thrilled.

8. Computers are off-limit

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Advanced technology is not yet available in the Cambridges household. Kate and William believe that these devices are intended for the elderly, while balls, skipping rope, and playing outside will best help develop their imagination and intelligence. Children spend most of their time outside, riding a bicycle, playing ball, or hanging out with relatives. Although many parents often let their children be on phones, computers, or tablets, Kate and William want to protect their children for as long as possible.

9. Respect the work of other people

Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandchildren learned at an early age that every work should be appreciated, whether it is their mother who prepares lunch or the maid who cleans the house. Kate and William give them as an example their work for charities and how much they appreciate what other people do for the state, community, and city.

10. Sport is important

As we have already said, the royal children spend a lot of time actively outside, playing or walking. The duke and duchess are known as sports fans, so they passed that love on to their children. Kate loves field hockey, and William plays football, basketball, and polo. Prince George also loves football and is a big fan of Aston Villa. He was recently seen at a football game with his parents, and often we could see him attending polo games in which their father participates. We have no doubt we will see George Charlotte and Louise participating in some sports.