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Thomas Markle Is Ready To Sue Meghan And Harry So He Can See His Grandchildren

by Nebojša Vujinović

Meghan Markle has not had a good relationship with her father for a long time. The Royal couple has been at loggerheads with Thomas Markle since admitting he sold photos to the media ahead of their 2018 wedding. Earlier this year, he said he had apologized to his daughter and son-in-law ‘a thousand times’, but they still don’t give up.

Meghan has not seen her father since 2017, when she got engaged to Prince Harry and became the future Royal Bride. She also did not allow him to come to the wedding and escort her to the altar, and that role was taken over by Harry’s father, Prince Charles. Meghan and Harry now have two children, Archie and Lilibet, and Thomas hasn’t met them yet.

For this reason, he decided on one very drastic move. He decided to sue Prince Harry and Meghan Markle if they didn’t let him meet his grandchildren.

“I will be petitioning the California courts for the right to see my grandchildren in the very near future,” Thomas Markle said.

He feels left out for all of the occasions, and commented that he is very sad he had to find out about the pregnancy and the birth of little Lilibet from the media.

Thomas also pointed out that he would like Lilibet to be baptized in the UK at the Queen’s Church like her brother Archie, and all of her other cousins.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to ask Her Majesty the Queen, the British family, the Royal family, to allow Lily to receive her baptism and first christening at the Queen’s church.”

Thomas reiterated his dissatisfaction with Harry and Meghan, and their way of treating the Royal Family. He never supported the fact that the Sussexes are revealing the Royal secrets to the public and criticizing parenting skills of both Prince Charles and himself. He criticized them a long time ago for the Oprah interview, and now he has referred to the memoirs written by Prince Harry.

source; thesun.co.uk

“Harry doesn’t have too much more to tell. After three sessions with the psychiatrists and Oprah Winfrey, I don’t know what more is there to tell, ”said Meghan’s father.

Although Thomas Markle has no legal basis to sue Harry and Meghan for not letting him see his grandchildren, he will do his best to be a part of their lives.

Buckingham Palace, as well as Sussexes, did not comment on Thomas’ statement.