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Jennifer Lopez Steals the Show at Daughter’s Birthday Party

by Elsa Stringer

Superstar singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, 50, is no stranger to the spotlight. Therefore, she made sure she was the star during a special event at their home.


Her husband Alex Rodriguez, 44, threw a party for his daughter Ella’s 12th birthday. One of the guests was his former wife Cynthia Scurtis, so Lopez was on her toes the whole day.


As all of the children played together, ran around, and ate the cake, J. Lo could hardly disappoint the photographers and leave them empty handed.


She went to the middle of the lawn and took off her sweatshirt, underneath she wore a see-through lace nude colored bra. Cynthia looked in disbelief as his ex-husband’s fiancé stripped down in front of her.

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When Alex saw the scandal that could unravel, he approached Lopez and sat down with her for a little bit, keeping her company. She laid back on the grass and took in some sun.


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Although the famous couple urged the public on numerous occasions to stay at home, they threw a party and invited a lot of people. Their fans think they are irresponsible and biased. Rodriguez was spotted with a surgical mask on however.