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Shakira Wastes No Time in Quarantine, Completes a Philosophy Course

by Nebojša Vujinović

One of the most popular and recognizable singers in the world, Shakira, 43, decided to make use of her quarantine time and work on expanding her horizons.

As the coronavirus pandemic isolated us in our homes, we cannot do the things we once could. Therefore, people have to make use of their time the best way they can. Some binge watch movies, some work out, while others, like Shakira, educate themselves.

Source: Instagram.com


The Colombian stunner completed a 4-week online course in Ancient Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. She shared the amazing news with her fans on multiple social media platforms.

On Instagram, she shared a slideshow that contains two videos and two photos. She showed of her certificate obviously proud of herself. Her post has more than 801,000 likes and nearly 13,000 comments. Her fans expressed their amazement and congratulated her on this amazing achievement.

Shakira also shared her latest feat on Twitter. More than 182,000 followers liked her post and she has over 16.1 retweets. The star artist showed everyone that quarantine does not have to be that bad.

Source: Instagram.com

She used it to educate herself on a topic of interest encouraging others to do the same. Since there is no definitive answer to the question of when things will go back to normal, maybe you can also try your luck with a similar course!

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