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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Considering an Online Wedding

by Nebojša Vujinović

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, 50, and her fiance and former baseball star Alex Rodriguez, 44, are thinking of hosting an online wedding because of the situation COVID-19 caused in the world.

The celebrity power couple might have an online ceremony instead of their original plans. They are one of the unlucky couples whose big day had to be cancelled or postponed because of the current pandemic.

Source: instagram.com

The news were revealed in an interview with Ellen. She said that together with her husband, she must wait and see what tomorrow brings before moving on with their plans.

Source: instagram.com

Rodriguez proposed in March of last year, and ever since then, the pair has been making plans for a magnificent wedding ceremony. If the rumors were true, they initially scheduled the wedding for this summer.

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It was actually Ellen’s idea to live stream the wedding online and become the first famous couple to do so. They can always host a real, larger party for their family and friends once everything is back to normal.

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Although the two ladies laughed it off believing it to be nothing but a joke, Lopez said it was certainly something to think about as a real possibility, especially if the whole quarantine situation lasts longer than expected.