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Jennifer Anniston’s Mother Was Not Invited to Her Daughter’s Wedding

by Elsa Stringer

Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston revealed that she did not invite her mom to her and Brad Pitt’s nuptial ceremony, and here is her reasoning behind it.


In her memoir, the actress says that she went through a rough period with her mother and never invited to the 2000 wedding ceremony to her colleague Brad Pitt.


The mother-daughter relationship was challenging and difficult, but they reconciled their differences on time, before Nancy Dow passed away in 2016.

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She and her husband John Aniston did not support young Jennifer’s dream of becoming an actress and had actively kept her away from Hollywood, not letting her watch TV.

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Aniston and Pitt started dating in 1998 and married in Malibu in 2000. They divorced in 2005 over irreconcilable differences.


Stating some of the problems she had with her mother, Jennifer Aniston said this in a 2018 interview:

““She was from this world of, ‘Honey, take better care of yourself,’ or ‘Honey, put your face on,’ or all of those odd sound bites that I can remember from my childhood. My mom said those things because she really loved me. It wasn’t her trying to be a b***h or knowing she would be making some deep wounds that I would then spend a lot of money to undo. She did it because that was what she grew up with.”