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Jennifer Aniston Revealed What She Said To Angelina Jolie About Brad Pitt

by Bojana Dujkovic

It has been more than 15 years since the Aniston-Jolie-Pitt triangle enchanted the world, but that story is still attracting attention. Jennifer Aniston once said that she met Angelina Jolie while her marriage to Brad Pitt was still going on. What she told her was quite painful, in light of the events that followed.

Brad and Jenn seemed like the perfect Hollywood couple when they got married in 2000. At that time, Pitt’s career was on the rise, while Aniston was still enjoying the popularity that “Friends” brought her.

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Their romance started great, but it didn’t take long before the first obstacles. In early 2005, the couple announced their divorce. The announcement shocked fans, and many people blamed Brad’s affair with Angelina Jolie for the failure of the marriage.

Pitt and Aniston have talked about their divorce on several occasions. On one occasion, Jennifer told what happened when she first met Angelina, before the divorce.

In an interview with Vanity Fair in 2006, the actress revealed that she had nothing but nice words to say to Angelina. She admitted to her that her husband was excited about making the movie “Mrs. and Mr. Smith.”

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“I stopped and introduced myself to her. I said, ‘Brad is so excited to work with you. I hope you have a really good time, “said Aniston.

While the world speculated about the affair that allegedly followed, Jennifer’s colleague Courtney Cox said that she did not believe that Brad and Angelina were lovers on the set of the film. She also revealed that Brad was very open about his feelings for Jolie and that he did not hide anything from Aniston.

Shortly after the divorce, he entered into a relationship with Angelina, whom he later married, and with whom he has six children. Jennifer admitted that she was “shocked” by Brad’s behavior – but that she thought he had not cheated on her.

“The world was shocked, I was shocked. I decided to trust my husband. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised by anything, but I decided to trust him. “

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Despite everything that has happened, Brad and Jennifer have renewed their friendship in recent years. Pitt attended her birthday party last year, and the two were spotted exchanging hugs at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

They are both currently single, and many hoped they will get back together but they are just friends. Jennifer disappointed many who hope that love has erupted between them again.

“It was absolutely fun. Brad and I are friends. We are talking and there is nothing strange or unpleasant there, except maybe for those who expected some inconvenience to happen. We had a great time. “


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Aniston also spoke to People magazine and revealed more about how she meets men. She said that she is not interested in dating over the Internet.

“I absolutely do not use dating apps. I’ll stick to the usual ways of having fun – when someone invites you on a date. So I would prefer. “

She is not even sure that she will remarry.

“I do not know, I do not think about it. I am interested in finding a fantastic partner and simply enjoying and having fun with each other. That is all we should hope for. It does not have to be plotted on paper. ”