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Jay Z Went Wild on the Man Who Was Filming Beyoncé and Snatched His Phone Away

by Tracy Finke

When Beyoncé, 38, walked in this weekend, accompanied by husband Jay Z, 50, to a lavish celebration of the Diddy’s 50th birthday in Los Angeles, she attracted all the attention with a fabulous dress.

The elegant gown with diamond flower details is the work of the Kujta & Meri fashion house. What made the singer beat the other guests’ outfits is a high slit to her hips. The dress put her sumptuous curves at the forefront, and the singer had to keep an eye on her every step so as not to reveal more than she had planned.

Apart from her appearance, she now highlighted the fact that Diddy’s party was full of cameras and cell phones, so some photographs and footage were leaked in public.

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One set of pictures shows the rapper having a good time, dancing with champagne in his hand, animating friends around him, but at one point, he lost his balance and ended up on the floor.

During this time, Beyoncé was dancing with her friends, including Kelly Rowland, and her husband lost his temper in a second and grabbed a cellphone from the hand of a man who was recording the atmosphere near them, thinking he was recording Beyoncé. After a verbal warning, the rapper returned the phone to the man.

Jay Z seems to be very protective of his wife and shield her from literally everything.

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