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How to Get Tons of Followers and Likes on Instagram

by Ingeborg

All businesses out there know just how valuable it can be to have a strong presence on major social media platforms like Instagram. But getting that level is often easier said than done. Building a following on Instagram takes time and patience. But time is one luxury small companies cannot afford.

The good news is that there are actually ways that you can explore in order to build a strong presence on Instagram faster. Some of these ways may involve a little investment, but they will indeed be worth it.

Here they the main ones:

1. Promote Your Page


Social media platforms give you the chance to promote your page through targeted ads. In essence, with a small fee, you can bring your page in front of millions of potential users. What makes this a great deal is that you don’t actually spend that much and you will easily end up with a sizable number of followers. It is often advisable to run these promos for a consistent period of time. Don’t just run the ad for a day and expect results. Most companies will have to pay for these promos for months before they start to see good results.

2. Buy Followers

There are some social media consultants these days that may help you buy followers on Instagram. Companies like Famoid have helped many small and medium scale businesses develop the required credibility on Instagram by helping them buy likes. You don’t even need to buy loads of them. Just a small number may be enough to make your page look legit. Other organic followers may come in after that.

3. Up Your Hashtag Game


Sharing is everything in social media these days. If you want to build a strong following of organic followers, then you will need to up your hashtag game. Hashtags are simply used for trending stories on Instagram and other social media platforms. If there are enough people engaged with your hashtag, it means your story and of course, your page is out there. This can dramatically increase the number of followers.

4. Create Sharable Content

In order to get people to share your posts and other types of content, they must be able to love it in the first place. In that case, it is your responsibility to create and develop sharable content. If people find value in your posts, they are more likely to share them with their own friends. This will then lead to more likes and followers for your page.

5. Be Creative with Your Caption


Anything that helps to keep users engaged on Instagram should be highly welcomed. The way you use captions on the platform may have a lot of implications on the kind of organic traffic you will be able to generate for your Instagram page. Just like posts, picture captions also need to be sharable. Be as creative as you can. Funny and sometimes ironic captions can grab the attention of users. Use them as much as you can.